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    G'day chaps. A short note to introduce myself.
    I'm not in the first flush of youth and have already had my first mid life crisis.
    Welcome to my second.
    I only have a basic understanding of how a car works, but as I was getting fed up with getting home and flicking on the TV, this mid life curved ball is meant to get me out in to the fresh air. Not just driving, but also leaning over the front wings and diving into the engine bay. Probably going to make a few mistakes, but learning along the way.
    In advance, thanks for the help I will receive and I hope to be able to give a little back.

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  1. That rear spoiler looks crucial to the aero performance of this beast. Or is a handle for wheeling it around?
  2. Home bargains have some Astonish wheel cleaner that does exactly what it says on the tin (or should that be bottle?) With the added bonus of it being cheap.
  3. Gargoil


    Night owl. While SWMBO is sleeping, control of the remote goes over to the Dark Side.
  4. Thanks for the advice. Plus gas ordered, should be here by the weekend. I may (read definitely was) have been using the wrong spanners, too. So a small set of flare spanners ordered as well.
  5. There is a Rover fuel filter in the GTM. It's probably the original one which makes it about 15 years old. Time for a change then, however it refuses to come off. The fuel lines seem to be welded to it because no matter what I have tried (wd 40, constant pressure on the nuts overnight) they refuse to undo. Now the corners are rounding off, so any tips for for troublesome nuts? Apart from a medic....
  6. Gargoil

    Cooling Issue

    Are top and bottom hoses hot when the fan kicks in and why do you need two overflows? The more info you can give, the better the answer you get.
  7. You might want to postpone your rolling road test. It can get quite brutal setting up the engine and a poor cooling system will mean the test will have to finish early.
  8. Gargoil

    Cooling Advice

    I'm having similar issues (but much less so) as this. Driving around at speed all is good, as the pace slows, temps start to go up and by the time I get home, the fan has kicked in. This shouldn't be the case, the GTM has a new radiator, pump and thermostat. I know that the designs are totally different but I tried something the other day and was a little surprised by the result. Having got home, with temps rising (but not overheating) fan kicked in, I turned off the interior heater plus fan and gave the engine a few revs. You would think that temps would go up even more but they started to fall quite quickly. The heater seems to work fine, so could it be that the coolant circulation isn't biased towards the radiator enough? It might be worth a try, if the Marlin has an interior heater.
  9. Timing issue? As Alan suggests, has a wire/sensor come adrift or been replaced incorrectly, enough to change the timing?
  10. The more you put in, the more you get out. More info please.
  11. Gargoil

    Sat Nav

    Oops, double post
  12. Gargoil

    Sat Nav

    I once wore a motorbike helmet which had Bluetooth speakers connected to my phone. This meant I could hear Co pilot navigation and music at the same time. A set of bluetooth earphones would probably do the same.
  13. Co-pilot, cheaper than TomTom, does the same thing and has regular updates. Also stores the maps on your phone so doesn't rely on an internet connection.
  14. Gargoil

    Cooling Advice

    You can't have too much radiator, is there any chance of fitting something bigger or thicker, even if you have to get a much thinner fan? Ducting will improve cooling performance but if temps shoot up when driving slowly it's possible the cooling system is being overwhelmed by the demand. I had something similar on both the Exmo and the GTM, and a new bigger better rad did the trick.
  15. Search for S Health in the play store. Not sure if it's available in the fruit based I store thingy.
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