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  1. That rear spoiler looks crucial to the aero performance of this beast. Or is a handle for wheeling it around?
  2. Home bargains have some Astonish wheel cleaner that does exactly what it says on the tin (or should that be bottle?) With the added bonus of it being cheap.
  3. Gargoil


    Night owl. While SWMBO is sleeping, control of the remote goes over to the Dark Side.
  4. Thanks for the advice. Plus gas ordered, should be here by the weekend. I may (read definitely was) have been using the wrong spanners, too. So a small set of flare spanners ordered as well.
  5. There is a Rover fuel filter in the GTM. It's probably the original one which makes it about 15 years old. Time for a change then, however it refuses to come off. The fuel lines seem to be welded to it because no matter what I have tried (wd 40, constant pressure on the nuts overnight) they refuse to undo. Now the corners are rounding off, so any tips for for troublesome nuts? Apart from a medic....
  6. Gargoil

    Cooling Issue

    Are top and bottom hoses hot when the fan kicks in and why do you need two overflows? The more info you can give, the better the answer you get.
  7. You might want to postpone your rolling road test. It can get quite brutal setting up the engine and a poor cooling system will mean the test will have to finish early.
  8. Gargoil

    Cooling Advice

    I'm having similar issues (but much less so) as this. Driving around at speed all is good, as the pace slows, temps start to go up and by the time I get home, the fan has kicked in. This shouldn't be the case, the GTM has a new radiator, pump and thermostat. I know that the designs are totally different but I tried something the other day and was a little surprised by the result. Having got home, with temps rising (but not overheating) fan kicked in, I turned off the interior heater plus fan and gave the engine a few revs. You would think that temps would go up even more but they started to fall quite quickly. The heater seems to work fine, so could it be that the coolant circulation isn't biased towards the radiator enough? It might be worth a try, if the Marlin has an interior heater.
  9. Timing issue? As Alan suggests, has a wire/sensor come adrift or been replaced incorrectly, enough to change the timing?
  10. The more you put in, the more you get out. More info please.
  11. Gargoil

    Sat Nav

    Oops, double post
  12. Gargoil

    Sat Nav

    I once wore a motorbike helmet which had Bluetooth speakers connected to my phone. This meant I could hear Co pilot navigation and music at the same time. A set of bluetooth earphones would probably do the same.
  13. Co-pilot, cheaper than TomTom, does the same thing and has regular updates. Also stores the maps on your phone so doesn't rely on an internet connection.
  14. Gargoil

    Cooling Advice

    You can't have too much radiator, is there any chance of fitting something bigger or thicker, even if you have to get a much thinner fan? Ducting will improve cooling performance but if temps shoot up when driving slowly it's possible the cooling system is being overwhelmed by the demand. I had something similar on both the Exmo and the GTM, and a new bigger better rad did the trick.
  15. Search for S Health in the play store. Not sure if it's available in the fruit based I store thingy.
  16. You're probably going to need at least a litre of fluid for the job, so anything larger than a litre bottle should be enough.
  17. I would be tempted to run a load of soapy water (washing-up liquid) through the bottle and pipes. Protect the paintwork if poss and use a drip tray. A bit of hose pipe, down in to the bottle so that the soap gets to the bottom and forces the oil out.
  18. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1kmsp92nvahcct0/upload_2017-1-5_10-19-23.png?dl=0 Hope that helps.
  19. Gargoil


    It's taken a while, but a moment ago I finished my first car build. Don't ask me to show you the other side, one wheel looks suspiciously like part of a Christmas card.... https://www.dropbox.com/s/plnjao7qn3hr7gd/20170106_135546.jpg?dl=0
  20. Someone fell out of the bunk bed the wrong way and hit every branch of the Grumpy tree on the way down.......
  21. Lands-End to John o Groats CANDIDATE, 24 Jun 2017Event: Lands-End to John o Groats CANDIDATE Discussion in 'Events' started by IanCider, Yesterday at 11:24 AM. This is the germination of a VERY BIG IDEA Land's End to John O' Groats (nicknamed LE JoG) in one day! DON'T PANIC! nobody will do the full distance - this would be a relay event covering multiple clubs. We had a chat about this at our meet this month and while it is challenging to set it up, it is entirely possible. This would be the first KitNet "BIG EVENT" aiming to involve multiple clubs en-route and to be part of our first year celebrations. Our aim is to to run a monster stick of Lands End Rock to John o' Groats in one day. Why? It isn't pointeless - it is about getting kit car clubs to work together. Below is the route and the safe timings - it is not a race but it is a challenge! It is just possible to get from LE to JoG in one day at mid-summer in daylight. See the planner map below for the computed detail. How would it work? This is a relay of about 100 miles (2 hours non-stop) per section - all motorways and major roads to keep the average speed up. Start LE at 05:13, sunrise. Leg one to Exeter services 102 miles, always keeping within speed limits. Handover to the next team passing the baton (stick of Rock) - maximum 5 minutes - enough time to take the photos And keep doing this for each of the 8 locations on the map Arrive JoG 10:25 - just a few minutes before sunset or earlier most likely DOH! its all motorways! No problem that is not all of the event! The incoming party, having handed over the baton will be met and led by the local Event Marshall to the nearest beauty spot for a car rally - making a full event of their short participation in the relay So how do we make this motorway dominated event exciting? Actually this is going to be about 9-10 events in one day - it is the vista points and multiple meets on the same day which count and the relay is part of the joint effort and not all of it. Back at base we would run Mission Control. We will be in contact with the marshalls at each location, the lead driver's navigator and there would be a big target plan. And we would constantly upload pictures to Facebook as it happens. It would involve at least 7 clubs and not just Regional clubs - anybody could join-in if they are local. We whack the whole event as it happens on facebook. Every participant (while not driving) will be able to watch the event unfold on KitNet Facebook. What if something goes wrong? Something will on a trip like this because there are so many opportunities to fail. But that is where contingency planning will be involved and teamwork and planning will get us around any problem. Note: we are only planning on 88% of Google predicted average speeds and we have allowed 5 minutes per changeover but it should be more like one minute - including the handover pics! Making it happen We will need plenty of volunteers - there is more to do in the planning than in the event itself. We need arrangers to help set up sections and inform the main plan. We need local marshalls - us and other clubs - to manage the chengeover points and take the incoming convoy to the vista-point. We need lead drivers for each section and a navigator for each car. And we need people to man Mission-control (could be several in shifts) from 05:00 to 23:00 (ish). KitNet SW could with assistance from other clubs cover the first 3 links. Date? Provisionally Saturday 24th June - allowing a revcovery day on Sunday and not competing with Shows which normally major on a Sunday. It has to be either side of longest day on June 21st to get the daylight hours. This is not fixed yet Triggers If we gain enough will to do this in the next few weeks it will run. We need to gain the support of the Scotish Kit Car club (essential for local knowledge and the Highland route) and enough (but not all clubs) to make the links. Complete Kit Car Magazine would like help publicise this but we would need to gain theri buy-in and give them copy in February. I am pretty sure we could get the support of The Westfield Sports Car Club which will help with out range of coverage. All clubs will gain full credit for their part in this event. Ideas, volunteers and your support please! Excuse my plagiarism.
  22. As mentioned by Bob in the "Events" post, members of Kitnet.uk are looking to organise this event. At an early stage of planning, they are trying to gauge interest in the event and get kit car clubs working together. If it's of interest to you, nip over to Kitcar.net and take a look. Looks like it could be fun/challenging but will spread the world of kit cars a little further.
  23. Gargoil

    What Are They?

    Yep, had the plastic variant, too. Came with a pull-through, the afore mentioned 4x2, both nylon and wire brush and a multi tool, long before Gerber got in on the act. Brings back the memories, not all of them good, but memories none the less.
  24. Dude, a lot of people have had this happen. The pinto is old and through the ages had work done to it by Tom, Dick and Scarry. You chose what was right for you at the time (as did I, another 2 grand hiccup in ownership) so who can say what is right or wrong? Just don't let it put you off. At some stage you will have a reliable kit that you will get a lot of enjoyment from. It's not the driving that counts, its the owning.
  25. There's a Premier Inn at Ripley, looks like reasonable prices, too. Haven't stayed there but have been in enough of them to know that they are a good balance between cost and comfort/ease.
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