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  1. Sadly no, we are all ready away. :-(
  2. Jim You are over thinking things again. If it ran OK in the P100 why will it have dropped compression because you swapped the engine over ?? It can only be the carb or the timing. Even though the old carb isn't what you want, for now put it back on, removing one potential problem. Get the timing set either buy beg or borrow a strobe.
  3. Are you sure you put the correct flare on the pipe, solid, copper pipe , to the flex needs a double flare making a concave shape to the pipe. a single flare leaves a convex shape.
  4. And if it sells for anything sub 3K it will be a nice car for some one.
  5. +1 for what Bob has said. The likely hood is that the copper, kunifer, pipe has been deformed. Did you make the solid pipes or were they bought in pre flared. Did you check that the pipe had the correct flare before you fitted it ?. The chances of the flexi pipe being damaged is very slim.
  6. The old decelarometer, that's all we had to test brakes back in the dark ages when I was a MOT tester!! The old tapley!!
  7. Ian & Carole

    2B Speedo

    The trick with the 2b speedo cable is.................. folk take the cable route from the box and put an immediate 90 degree bend and that is were it will have snapped. Bring the cable out of the box and through transmission tunnel along the front of you O/S (drivers seat) and with a nice curve up the side panel and int the scuttle area with a nice sweeping curve to the speedo head. Ran mine like that for 12 years and never had a problem. HTHs. 90 degree boxes are a pig to fit and IMHO very expensive when a nice smooth curve is free. You can see the cable running up the side panel in this pic, if you want to hide it the trim over i, it never bothered me and was useful at shows when folk asked this question.
  8. It's like all things we need, how long is a piece of string? How much land have you got available? No matter how big you build you will always want more. This is one of mine, another single behind where the Se7en lived. It also has a pit 6' deep and 12' long, wish it was 4' wider though. Must type faster!!!!
  9. + 1 for the Sorento, on our 3rd and we pull 1800 kgs with ours £240 RFL We have had 42 MPG on a long run, 30 ish round town and regularly returns 25/28 towing. 7 year warranty does it for me. In 11 years we have only had to buy 1 rear wiper blade !!!!
  10. Both times I attended the Hall there were the turbo ratting lowered Subarus that spent ages just listening to their engines and on leaving left long black tyre marks out of the exit. It has now moved to Newark show ground because it "out grew" Doddington Hall. If you listen to the locals that wasn't the reason at all.
  11. That's it rub it in, sounds like we missed a great weekend.
  12. Might be better if it was written in English
  13. That was my 1st choice but like you say the costs are still very high hence the MR2. Needed some thing a bit different to all the MX5 's. The only down side to the MR is no possibility to fit a tow bar.
  14. Are they both faulty then
  15. Peter Why are you running 2 profiles ?? just wondering
  16. Nope!! Carole has resigned this week but has to complete her full notice and being a true professional has refused to go sick this weekend. Have to try and plan another weekend some were.
  17. "A" plan can in for me at sub 100 but age is a factor for me I suppose.
  18. Zetecs are prone to not liking iffy plugs. Chuck a new set of good quality ones in, NGK would be my 1st choice and see if that improves the situation after checking , like Richard says every thing is in tip top shape.
  19. Cheers Phil ours arrived today, thank you. Sadly due to Carole having had her A/L granted in June now being refused we wont be with you all for the weekend, unless the manager can find a nurse hanging around with nothing to do, which aint going to happen. If you could put the monies paid into the charity pot that would be great. I still live in hope but Carole says my optimism is miss judged. Hope you all have a fab weekend and we will see you all soon.
  20. If you want the ultimate "fit and forget" get your self one of these, got one in my Beauford and Daimler, no points, no condenser, mine have been fitted for nearly 6 years and the caps have never been off in all that time. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Powerspark-Electronic-Distributor-Ford-Escort-Capri-Cortina-Transit-Pinto-Blocks-/121032996459?hash=item1c2e20f66b:g:DuAAAOSwanRXh6aS
  21. Your best bet is to make friends with a local motor factor, I use the same one all the time for every thing. We are on 1st name terms and if you do it is amazing how helpful they can be. Pop down with you cap and ask if he can ID it for you.
  22. Let it breath. Any condensation trapped will cause mould to form, not an issue as it will wipe off with a damp cloth.
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