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  1. Leaner

    Merry Christmas ?

    Yes a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all our members. Best wishes everyone. Bernie
  2. Thanx for the wheels jaimo and the cup of tea it was a pleasure to meet u .
  3. I,ve PM'd you regarding the wheels you've for sale. Cheers.
  4. Hi Mitch can u tell me if we still meet at the phantom winger as I have been a few times and not seen any of our lads Ta Bernie

  5. Yep iv turned blue also and its not because of the weather . Ope to get to a few shows this year. Happy New Year to all our members and hope youhave all had a good christmas. Bernie
  6. Just a 2.0 pinto on forties but going to get a FR32 if there is any going at Stoneleigh
  7. Hi Iggy Im hopefully going down Sunday morn hope to meet up with you at knutsford coming down from Southport Thanx Bernie
  8. Hi Dave I will have the vents Im going down on the Sunday Thanks Bernie
  9. Happy Birthday Mowerman its nice to know theres older persons than myself who still think they are younger than their years and still enjoy our kitcars as much as in our youth. All the best to you :drinks:
  10. Happy birthday Shaft have a gud one an get the car out for a blast Bernie
  11. +2 Iv ad one for a couple ov years very handy. Bernie
  12. Congratulations Simon and Lisa hope u have a very good day and all the best for the future see u at the next meet . Leaner aka Bernie
  13. Leaner

    Speedo Drive

    Hi all and thanx for your replies iv got the drive out of the old gearbox so if i dont need to change the drive on tailshaft then its an easy job i didnt want to put it in and strip the teeth of it because it didnt match up with the tailshaft drive . So thanks a lot chaps . Leaner aka Bernie
  14. Leaner

    Speedo Drive

    Hi all ive recently changed the gearbox on my 2B its a 5 speed . originally the speedo was accurate to within 2mph but now its reading about 12 mph fast i know i will need to change the speedo drive but do i need to replace both the speedo take off and drive cog on main tailshaft or just the speedo drive.Many Thanks . Leaner aka Bernie
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