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  1. Yep, mine mist too, not found cure yet, the longer I drive it the worse it gets!
  2. Thanks for the replies, Its definitely water type marks and not the lay of the GRP. I'll get a pic later, and one after too (If it turns out OK!)
  3. Hello, Not been on here for a while, Managed to sneak another kit into the garage a few weeks ago, Its yellow and the gelcoat has more stained than faded, looks like its been leaked on and the water has sat there under a cover. not bad from a distance but up close its annoying! I though the marks would wash off but no! I'm thinking of trying to machine polishing them out using farecla G3? any one tried this before on gelcoat finish? Regards............Boost.
  4. Went out for first test ride today, 3000 rpm and no hard accelerating! Enjoyed the ride but its murder not being able to bury the right foot! All seem OK until I went round a left hand bend a bit sharp, there was a strange whizzing sound! Pulled over for a look Found it to be the cooling fins on the alternator catching the chassis! The Engine mountings in the slots we fully over to the RHS, so loosened them off and nudged engine over to LHS of slots, only 10mm or so and its stopped the fins catching. So only another 450 steady miles to run it in!
  5. Had a bit of cave time this last week so a bit of progress... Tidied engine bay ready for the refit Dropped it back in, quite easy really! Piped up the new breather system,(still got the vent filter to add to top of catch tank) Thanks it! Started first time, set timing to 120 BTDC, and jobs a peach. 4.5 bar oil pressure on tick over, Warmed it through, no oil or water leaks yet.
  6. just tried to buy one, but site says no! I'll ring them tomorrow
  7. Hi, Thinking about buying the AccuSpark Stealth Black box ignition module to complement the rebuild. What the general consensus of opinion of them? Any horror stories or are they spot on? They look like a simple to install unit with a basic 2d programmable advance & dwell setting, seems quite a reasonable unit for the price. Your comments / opinion of the unit would be appreciated. Cheers...............Boost.
  8. Them Halfords Adaptors impressed me! Thought it would snap with the torque but it didn't! Here's a few more pics, All done! Just tidying the engine bay before I drop it back in. And I've got next week off work so it might actually get put in!
  9. Not a lot of progress this last month, been busy with family, unfortunately my wife's Dad passed away suddenly. Head has been sat there for while, I've managed over the last month to sneak out a lap the valves in! Managed to get back in the cave tonight! So put all valves back in tonight and cc'd the head - 43cc. Worked out the CR it will now be 10.37:1 Should be OK I think. Popped cam in and sat head on block, but then realised I need a 1/2 to 3/8 adaptor for torque wrench to tighten head bolts up so stopped for the night, I'll pick one up tomorrow on way home from work. I'll post a few pics soon.
  10. Fingers crossed! There was a very generous amount of sealant around the the joints between the cork & rubber gaskets!
  11. Strange was not able to post all the pics in one post! Here's the rest I'll post more as things progress..
  12. Few Pics..... An error occurred - posting too many pics - Never enough pics!!!
  13. Got pistons in now, and even thought the new ones are 0.1mm shorter (from crown to gudgeon pin top) which should have increased the deck height by 0.1mm it has actually reduced it by 0.13mm, must be due to the new main bearings and big end I think. An Any way just re calculated the compression ratio and its now at 10.55:1!. Hope it will hold together!
  14. Been measuring and calculating tonight.... Compression ratio or more like how much to skim off the head! The new pistons are 0.1mm shorter than the old ones increasing the deck height to 0.532mm Bore is now 91.8, head gasket is 92.7 x 1.3. Stroke unchanged at 76.95. I calculated the rough shape of cylinder head volume as standard to be 75 x 51.2 x 12.5 to give a volume of 48cc So if I skim 1.5mm off that gives 75 x 51.2 x 11 = 42 cc This gives me a CR of 10.21:1 Paul's spreadsheet also tells me that skimming 1.5mm off will reduce the head volume to 41cc (so my cals were not far off!) This gives a CR of 10.38:1 So I think I will skim off 1.5mm or 60 thou in old money and the CR will be somewhere near the 2 figures I've worked out. Happy Days!
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