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  1. Dtr36

    Nitro Rc Cars

    i also into rc stuff currently have a quadcopter with fpv an loads bit and bobs in garage
  2. any more info on steering wheel please pics? boss fitting
  3. love a nice reindeer picture lol
  4. Dtr36

    Dtr 2B Build

    Been to see the hood last night at my dads, he suggested we may sell it as it is,or swap it with some cash for a ready built kit? or even pay someone to finish it. Seeing he cannot really work on it and I am very busy at work. Not sure what to do?? anyone know any kitcar builders? I had a reply for the Scottish company to finish it at a cost of £1500 ish
  5. Dtr36

    Dtr 2B Build

    still not finished my garage extension only progress was to rain water from engine so it dot freeze
  6. Dtr36

    Angle Iron

    Hi has anyone got any angle iron or something similar needs to be about 9ft long x2 to use as roof struts for garage seeing as gypos pinched mine so can finish my garage Extension to get my hood in before snow
  7. good come finish mine lol i cannot get my head ound mine lol
  8. hi bigandy i am in chesterfield in new whitt if you a want a chat etc
  9. v6 will sound better than zetec so that would swing it for me
  10. Dtr36

    Dtr 2B Build

    he been ill just come out of hozzy i think
  11. i cannot make it either as i been informed its my wedding anniversary lol
  12. Dtr36

    Dtr 2B Build

    UPDATE i am in process of extending my garage so i can continue with the build through winter months
  13. i see if i can show my face as its been a while lol
  14. Dtr36

    Dtr 2B Build

    nothing to report on build as lost interest a little due to not being able to get my head around finishing wiring
  15. i am away on holiday sorry or i would have helped
  16. If anyone would like to bring there hood or classic/custom to this show please get in touch as we now have permission etc please get in touch with me
  17. i find that autosol scratches stainless
  18. have replied to all pm only have a few bits left etc
  19. Will reply to all pm etc on Monday and post pics
  20. have some pics i can email if reqd
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