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  1. Hi, My personal details (as well as a substantial portion of other members) are being hosted on someone's personal website - this website has been indexed by google and as such my email, address and mobile number are publicly accessible!! I am assuming this is the website of a member here? http://tonyrichey.com/guest/Alan/Tiger/RHOCar%20Members.pdf First of all, who thought that this was ever a good idea?! I am failing to see any reason why such a list would be hosted the way it is. Even if there were a legitimate need for this to be done then it needs to be behind some sort of authentication and certainly not accessible to web crawlers. I'd also like to know how this information was retrieved in the first place, if the member is not a forum admin then how did they get this data, and if they are an admin then why are they hosting this information? Does anyone know who this member is so I can contact them to get this removed asap
  2. John Ashley exhausts in Walsall are brilliant, they did mine for the zero, really nice guy and knows what he's talking about
  3. ali2992

    Starter Motor

    Looking at my diagrams i think the fuse is a remnant of the old mx5 starter circuit which had the starter signal also going to the ecu, seeing as i dont have the original ECU then i have no need for this so I will remove it and see what happens. I've checked the earth points, I have yet to check the actual starter itself but I think that is the next step - the solenoid contact was rather corroded and I cleaned it as much as i could but it might need a new connector. With regards to the relay I remember reading somewhere that the mx5 starter motor has the relay and solenoid bundled together on the back of the motor
  4. ali2992

    Starter Motor

    ignition switch to solenoid, with a 10amp fuse in between
  5. ali2992

    Starter Motor

    Sometimes when starting the engine the starter motor will just make a click sound and nothing will happen, yet after repeated tries of the push button it will suddenly catch - however it can also send up blowing through 10amp fuse on the starting circuit - could both of these be the same issue? Is it a starter motor problem or a circuit problem?
  6. someone can probably clarify but I'm pretty sure they have to be on the widest part of the car, which is why it's usually the wings
  7. I haven't been able to verify that the diff is moving, mainly because I don't have the strength to test it without lifting the car off the jack/axle stands at the same time. I'm going to put the tube in as a precautionary measure as it will only take a couple of minutes
  8. I think I'm going to try steel tube spacers, see if I can hammer in a 1mm wall tube or something to take up any slack. I'm still going to convert to a transducer off the cable though if i can assure myself I'm not going to run into the same problems as zach and snap the drive pin all the time
  9. Na this is a Mazda zero. I can't physically move the diff, but I'm wondering if the 1-2mm wiggle room in these bolts (which are crunched right up) is enough to move the diff slightly as the torque produced under load is much more than I can test just by pushing my weight against it
  10. thanks, I think I will get a cable made up from speedy cables though as the mx5 gearbox has a smaller speedo cable mounting hole than standard I believe - this way I can also customise whether I want right angled drive etc
  11. I jacked the car up last night and checked the diff mountings. The two bolts underneath are correct bolt sizes however there is probably about 1-2mm of wiggle room/play in them (I mean between the bolt and the edge of the shaft, considering that the tolerance for the speedo sensor is also 2-3mm, could this be why the sensor is coming into contact under load? As the gap will be taken up as the diff tries to rip itself away
  12. Is the transducer just a standard 12v feed, earth and signal? I don't have a cable at the moment so I'd have to get a replacement speedo cable. Would the transducer fit any speedo cable?
  13. That's what I'm going to do, I need to look at routing options though as the cable outlet from the gearbox is very close to the tunnel walls
  14. Yeah diff is secure, it's all metal washers too, no rubber that could be flexing or anything
  15. Yeah that makes more sense than what I was thinking! So I should be ok then I have MX5 based, so mx5 diff, there are no suitable mounting points for me to fix a bracket to the diff, that would be my first choice. And then the driveshafts are push in so no bolts or anything to read off at all
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