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  1. Hi are these still for sale, Cheers Si 07787335152
  2. Please can you guys help ive been looking for the blue robin hood paint and ive tried a couple none of them look right does anyone know the paint code or car its off is it rolls royce oxford blue ? please help as its driving me mad :crazy: :crazy:
  3. Really looking forwards to it...... Great pics!
  4. At the moment we've got a ferry crossing to Dunkirk and torn between France and Belgium.. Belgium seems to be winning at the moment!!... and as for the driving... she has more driving abroad experience abroad so looks like its going to be her job drive and my job to navigate and have a bevvy!!
  5. Thanks for the info Ian... will try and remember that one!
  6. Think its about time i fixed the seat so my Mrs is able to drive the car if the drink limit is lower than here! Thanks for the replies!!
  7. Brilliant, jus the colour im looking for.. thanks so much!
  8. Hi does anybody know the name of the dark blue colour paint used on the cars? or even better the code! Thankyou
  9. Hi, were venturing off across the English Channel to either France or Belgium... any thoughts on scenic routes and does anybody know regulations for driving kit cars abroad? Thought I would ask here first!!! Thanks in advance
  10. Hi there im new to all this but was wondering if it would be possible to join you at hollowell,I used to put the marquees up there as a kid years ago and loved it ,would be great to go back there with the car can someone please let me know what i need to do thanks
  11. Thankyou all very much its sorted now with your cheers ,got proper burnt in the sun this weekend but at least my clutch cable didnt
  12. Hi i was wondering what the longest clutch cable was for a pinto and what it would be off ?
  13. Hi, im struggling with wiring up my wipers! Ive got a Black, Green, Green and Brown, Red and White and Blue and Green. Can anybody please help as to how to wire them up to the wiper motor please??
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