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    Bobson has gone and a Scimitar GTE sits in his place. Heart transplant ongoing to keep the connection. 138bhp upgrade to to 275bhp and 100 mor1 torques!

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  1. Are you still staying in the Club?
  2. If it was registered with a CAT it will need one for subsequent MOT's under the new rules, so make sure you pick it up if it "falls off"!
  3. The 6.5J might limit your choice. Are you sure they are Wolfrace not Array
  4. Used to be a good attendance with well over 20 plus on a good night, but over the years it has declined as interest waned. I don't have my car anymore and will disappear from the Club at the end of this year. Good luck for the future and hopefully you can rejuvenate the local interest.
  5. Who is the New Area Sec?
  6. Is that shape not going to affect the airflow into the individual runners detrimentally?
  7. It used to be that after September membership was an extra £5 but it got the next year too.
  8. Its all to do with the footprint and compound. For a given weight of car exerting pressure on the ground, the wider the tyre the less pressure the tyre puts to the ground. As a result the tyre doesn't work hard enough to generate heat. Obviously a softer compound will help. Look at what the racing Catering vans use as a maximum tyre width! I went from 225/50/15 to 205?50/15 and could actually feel the tyre temp where as with the wider tyre after a 200mile spirited drive the tyres were no warmer than the air!
  9. I had 225s on the rear of the V8 but could never get any heat into them. Swapped back to 205s and then handling improved too
  10. Starting to look good, keep em coming. Will be doing some fibre glass work to the Scimitar bonnet soon.
  11. I remember it fondly.........NOT!
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