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  1. My 111a has now gone to a new home. Thanks for all the interest. Mike
  2. Sorry Kev, First day back at work today, after reading all those emails I'm ready for the long weekend off. If you had already joined the Club someone may have lent you a trailer for the price of beer tokens. Mike
  3. 7th. April 1999 But, as of yesterday, I have agreed a sale with Kev Wilson and he is picking it up on Friday Thanks for your interest, Mike
  4. I've had to take the pics in the garage as it is pouring down with rain. As I said before the inside needs sorting out, as you can see Mike
  5. Hi Kev, I'll get some done this weekend as I have to move a caravan & car to get to the garage mike
  6. I have some Pics but do not know how to attach them. I have used the button add image and upload but it doesn't seem to work. Can someone enlighten me please. Mike
  7. After sitting in my garage for the past 6 years I have decided that it is time it went to a good home. It is a Robin Hood Series 3a that I built 11 years ago. A few details:- The engine is 2lt. from a Capri. 5 speed gearbox An RS2000 sump. British Racing Green. Clamshell wings. Alloy wheels Full wet weather gear. Has only done 1604 miles in 11 years. It was SVA'd at Leicester and is correctly registered as a Robin Hood Series 3a. It has been SORN for all those 6 years It is not Taxed, Insured or MoT'd. I bought a new battery for it yesterday and it still runs very sweet, brakes, gears, clutch etc. all in good working order. Because the trim needs sorting (a weekend job for someone competent) I only want £2500. I live in Nottingham. My contact details are :- Mob. 07927903862 michael@michaelhatton.wanadoo.co.uk
  8. This was one of the frst Robin Hoods to pass the SVA - April 1999 British racing green with clam shell wings Pinto 2000cc with RS200 shallow sump 5 speed gearbox with shortened gear lever mileage since SVA less than 1400, 75 miles since the last MoT in September 2002 This car has been SORN for the passed 6 years whilst I have been working in Germany. I started to re upholster the car 4 years ago but never finished it. It needs an owner who can put it back on the road and use it. The low price is due to it needing the upholstery sorting out and a new mot. There are no pic's yet but I can try and sort some out given time
  9. It would be terrible if I couldn't get another job, I would have to while away my time getting the trim sorted, MOT'd again, its only done 100 miles since the last one. And the perfect transport for going to interviews !!! Mike
  10. I have just returned from 5 years in Germany and with all the problems associated with finding a new job (have been made redundant) fitting the furniture from a very large 4 bedroomed German house into my little end terrace place in Nottingham I looked at the 3a sitting in the garage taking up valuable storage space .... it has to go !!! It hasn't turned a wheel in 3 years, then it was just to get it's MOT. The interior trim I started to replace a couple of years ago still is not finished. .... it has to go !!! The wife has never liked it ..... it has to go. So I I had to move it out of the garage while I made room for the extra furniture we had acquired. After charging the battery (yes it is in the front) it started up first time - setting the garage smoke alarm off. I drove it onto the drive 10 yards, then back into the garage - out again - (a few more times) I must have been mad to even consider getting rid ............... It is staying. Mike Hatton
  11. Hi Stefan, If you are a member of BFG (British Forces Germany) it is very simple you just get the headlights changed to continental ones and then BFG register it. Can't help you on the civie side. Mike Hatton
  12. I was in north Wales last year cruising down the motorway at 100 mph when a police motorcyclist pulled along side. He wagged his finger at me, shook his head and pointed down at his speedo then he accelerated off. It couldn't have anything to do with me driving a LHD Merc with German number plates could it?
  13. My series IIIa is now over 3 years old and the nose cone and wings are looking very dull. What is the best way to bring back that just built shine? Should I use T-cut? What polish? A dedicated polisher or drill attachment? Thanks in advance Mike.
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