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  1. Welcome. I'm sure I'll see you around. I'm between Banbury and Southam, so if you need a hand with anything just give me a shout.
  2. alexpink

    Trip To Wales

    Returned yesterday from my first holiday in the kit- had a fantastic time. Performed flawlessly for 500 miles over three days; couldn't be happier or ask more of it. We stopped in Llandrindod Wells as one of my friends lives a couple of miles from there. On Monday afternoon we went to the Elan Valley, which I would highly recommend for a visit. On Tuesday we continued west towards Aberystwyth on the A44, then took some of the smaller back roads to Aberdovey, which had one of the nicest white sand beaches I have ever been to. The temperature hit 31 degrees whilst there- it didn't feel like
  3. Is there anything arranged for this?
  4. http://www.motorsport-tools.com/sale/clearance.html?utm_source=Import+MST&utm_campaign=af8f556700-Warehouse_Clearance_Sale_5_22sunday_2016&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_696cec2715-af8f556700-97897133&ct=t(Warehouse_Clearance_Sale_6_27_2014)&mc_cid=af8f556700&mc_eid=52734fd445
  5. Bike carbs on a decent manifold look awesome, work beautifully, stay in balance well, sound incredible and make power as well as Webers will on that spec of engine. Webers are much more expensive to purchase and set up in comparison. The DGAS is a good budget option but doesn't make the right noises for this type of car! Would recommend if you are aiming for that power range to run 37mm carbs off a 600, rather than using R1 carbs (unless you already have these); you don't need the extra flow at this power, and you will actually get more low down torque with the smaller carbs.
  6. I'd recommend making a dash yourself . It's hard to get anything else to fit. Not hard to make one and really satisfying- you can make it exactly how you want it.. Smiths do a good selection of high quality gauges, but there are plenty of other gauges available all over the internet now for very reasonable prices. Just pick a style you like and make the car to your personal style preference.
  7. Looks like you'll be doing it mate I'll be there
  8. Halfords 20/50 is good stuff; 5L with a pinto oil filter costs £18 with a trade card. If it's a chattering/whining noise from the rear it will be the diff- mine siezed the crown and pinion together in november. Top it up with oil and see if it gets any better.
  9. Had a great time meeting lots of new people and catching up with old friends. First time I've taken my car camping, and was surprised just how much could actually fit in it; it did seem to gain a mind of it's own and wandered off in the middle of the night though....
  10. Probably big end bearings. Mine made a similar noise when they went recently.
  11. I believe the Sierra and cortina clutch cables are different- you should be able to easily identify what you have and require with the help of Google. If you have the Sierra one, it's worth changing to a 2WD Sierra cosworth one; these are longer and can avoid the exhaust manifold much more easily
  12. Two weeks until Stoneleigh. Plenty of time!
  13. Total cost for my bike carb kit from danST was just over £400 including delivery. For that price I got 37mm carbs (you won't need 40mm unless running 180+bhp, and the smaller ones give better low down torque); silicon hose joiners; inlet manifold; manifold gasket; 1.6mm main jets. This is enough to get you running to a rolling road, but I found with my YZF600 carbs I needed the air correctors blocking and the jets taking out to 1.75mm. I also bought a pipercross PX504D and baseplate from danST at a later date for £100. Drop him an email; he's quick to reply, has quite possibly the best c
  14. Agree with bike carbs. Easy set up, good power, and work really well on a pinto. You will be able to get a conversion kit from danST for around the price you sell the dellortos for. I made the change from twin 40s to a 30/34, to bike carbs, and haven't looked back. People rave about them for a good reason!
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