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  1. Hi Bob Just seen your post we have only just returned back after weeks away in the sun to this very wet UK. We will look at our diaries see what's possible. Hope your both well and your trip went well Alan lynn
  2. Good photos steve and Val And yes think the Bombay distillery is a must.
  3. Thanks guys a very nice lunch and visit around the silk mill. Thanks to steve and val for a stop off for A cup of Tea many thanks. Think we have found our next trip out . We had a good run back still in the sun and dry. And as soon as we put Ruby away the heaven's opened. Hope you had a good run back Bob was nice seeing you again. Alan lynn
  4. Hi Bob Hope your both well ? What time are you going to be at the red house till ?? We would love to join you and any other members. We are only flying in from our holiday in the morning so we don't think we would get there till 1300 hrs is it worth doing ?? Or would it best just to meet you at the silk mill later.?? Alan lynn
  5. Howtightpet

    Poole Quay Meet

    Sorry Bob we are at Wimbledon would have been nice. Alan lynn
  6. Just wanted to say a BIG Thank you to Bob and Mo ( Hants & Dorset ). For getting the tickets and posting them out to us all. Have to say also great to see such a great gazebo the best in the paddock and the supply of tea and coffee. Great day was had by all I am sure. Hope everyone arrived home safe. Well for me a change in CAN at a 103 dB is a must but how Lynn can sleep in Ruby I just don't know. Well of course I do it's my driving lol Great day maybe we should do this next year as a whole club event and track time since the Venue's are getting limited. Great to see the guys who turned up and the apologies. Alan & Lynn
  7. Hi Bob Have sent you phone number
  8. Looking forward to castle coombe on sat 20

  9. Demon tweeks do a good one as well but really does cut the power down as well
  10. Bob Now that sounds like a good plan
  11. Hi Bob We have just booked the premier inn chippenham, west cepen way it's only for a night it's only a few miles from the circuit
  12. Hi Richard Not sure what your link is but its a town to me not a route I think you planned lol Not sure about track either as exhaust maybe on the loud side need to check it my app says its 98 db but don't knoe hoe accrute that is
  13. Who's booking track time and if so what time slots ?? Who's doing the parade lap. Fast or slow ?? We are looking to stay Friday night somewhere. Close by anyone else ??m
  14. Q plate well mine is do I care no Does it have good history yes Emissions sails through Rolling road is a must to get best profomance anyway Think if someone wants to buy your car they will whatever the reg they may try to knock price down Just say !! Sod off !! Only downer is private plates. I do have a nice one on retention and cannot put it on. Just have to find another toy to put it on. lynn is shaking her head :-((
  15. Mines 41 ltrs. And great tank gauge. When 1/4 full . Up hill empty down hill empty. Flat 1/4 round roundabout anyone's guess lol Warning lite flashing and its 7 ltrs Used to it lynn isn't and nag nag nag fill up lol
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