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  1. Well car went today. Sold to the first viewer but had another couple willing to buy of sale fell through. I got the price I wanted - nearly had a second thought not to sell on the drive to drop it off to its new owner. Take care all and stay safe
  2. Thanks Dan. I have put it on gumtree for the time being - see if it brings anything. I will also put a post here when back at my laptop.
  3. Morning all , Bought the car almost 2 years ago in order to get the kids out and about in it. Originally a biker and found it hard to justify going away on a weekend with the bike and no kids- at least with this I could take 1!! The downfall being the commute which I used the bike for a lot . My 26 mile commute has been a nightmare recently so have started looking at bikes again. With this in mind and wedding pending I can't justify having this sat in the garage . My Robin Hood was built in 2003. It has a ford 2.0 pinto the Kent fr cam I was told by the previous owner. It also has twin webbers which have been setup by my local garage that specialise in kit cars. Bought locally by myself. Since owning I have changed the wheels and added a catch tank to let the engine breath better. All paperwork is legit - it says Robin Hood and correct engine size on the v5. It has a history folder also which does require sorting out. Attached are a couple of pics - if anyone can roughly give me a guide price - I will put up an advert on a few sites with better info and pictures. I know what price I would like for the car but just want to make sure I'm not dreaming!!
  4. Thanks Ken, what kind is it you have? any link or photo? One day I will have stock of random bits and it will save a fortune on the internet!!
  5. after being round Arrochar and Inveraray over the new year - the roads are excellent - pity I didn't have the kit car with me. I will try to join up with you all nearer the time dependent on work commitments. its just a couple of hours away from my house.
  6. Hi, Looking to adapt my boot which is currently sealed and turn it into a boot I can actually use. Where do you guys buy things like hinges/ fasteners etc? There are a few on demon tweaks but what I would like is a box of assorted I can pick the closest match for. Looking to also replace a few other items also as required. Thanks in advance
  7. Hi all, Selling the below wheels 5 in total Tyres are like new - Falken These have come off a ford sierra based car (2b) 4 stud Not 100% sure on ET etc hence close up pictures. Looking for pickup south of Aberdeen. Courier can be arranged by buyer at their cost if required. Looking for £275 not including postage http://s31.photobuck...arle/library/2b
  8. I think the biker is in the right - although if I was on a bike I would not have been doing that speed. The fact the car was nosing out the junction means he is pulling into the bikers path - if he is overtaking or not. The amont of drivers I see pulling out of a junction only looking in one direction- it's really quite scary. Does no one look both ways these days?
  9. I will go buy some talcum powder then. cheers
  10. thanks folks - not enough to top up - a little oil goes a ,on way, on a long run I can sometimes spill on the headers which give that smell.....I will keep looking - is there anything I can put on the engine - then run for a while to id the leak?
  11. To restart my old post.... Crankcase breather is removed and piped up to catch tank, filler cap has been changed out and piped up to catch tank. Catch tank has filter to ambient. Car is running well- but still getting small amount of oil Turing up on rocker cover lip. Trying to work out where this is coming from. Tempted to remove the steel wool from the oil cap - after that I'm doing some tracing for a leak somewhere....help!! Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks whiz. That's would be great. U2u me with what you wanting for them and also postage or u could try and arrange pickup possibly from a courier type company.
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