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  1. m3wood

    Stoneleigh 3/4 May 2015

    Really want to actually drive my car to stoneleigh this year if it is ready that is... Can you pay for camping on the gate and then can I just park up with you guys ? ... I will be paying my membership just havnt got round to renewing yet .....
  2. m3wood

    Pair Of Clam Wings Wanted

    Fair point but mine have so much crazing is unreal .... So could do with some better ones ....
  3. m3wood

    Pair Of Clam Wings Wanted

    Can't have any crazing on them as that's the problem with mine and I dont want to have to fill it all ? Thanks for the offer though. Also Westfield wings may not line up with the bolt holes I already have so it is a bit of a gamble. Anyone else ?
  4. m3wood

    Pair Of Clam Wings Wanted

    Bump ! Need a pair of clam wing asap
  5. Hi I'm looking for the following. 2.0 pinto unleaded head (preferably the injection head as I have heard they are better ported ?) Rear shock coil overs with eyes both ends with between 14 to 16" extended length Also I own an exmo and the front shocks are currently bolted solid to the top mounts with just a bearing to alloy twisting. So my concern is that there is no bushing what so ever to allow movement with limited space under the arms I am unable to find any car top mounts that will fit. Any ideas anyone ? / anyone got anything suitable ? Kind regards Matt
  6. m3wood

    Pair Of Clam Wings Wanted

    Any closer than Germany would be good ha ha
  7. m3wood

    Pair Of Clam Wings Wanted

    Cheers guys but surely someone local has a pair .... I don't mind traveling a bit but can't be too far
  8. m3wood

    Pair Of Clam Wings Wanted

    I have an exmo and the cycle wings are hard to fit on them. To be honest I prefer the clam wings on the older style car So has anyone got any spare ?
  9. m3wood

    Pair Of Clam Wings Wanted

    Cheers guys but is anyone located around the Norfolk area as I'm not really able to travel too far to collect ? Also are all the clam wings the same shape or did they vary between models ?
  10. m3wood

    Pair Of Clam Wings Wanted

    Colour is not an issue as they will be re-sprayed but I am after a set that does not have any cracks or crazing on the wings ..... Regards Matt
  11. m3wood

    Exmo Bonnet

    Bump would like a bonnet
  12. m3wood

    Exmo Bonnet

    Yea sounds good what type hood do you have ?
  13. m3wood

    Exmo Bonnet

    I'm after a good condition bonnet for my exmo as mine is very tatty indeed (dents and creases)
  14. m3wood

    Exmo Rear Shocks

    The bushes on my rear shocks have had it and I believe this is a common problem with the exmo rear shocks (zimmerides I think ) Don't suppose anyone has any zinmerides as a short term fix or any upgrades shocks with springs I could buy ?