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  1. Knownothing

    North Wales Run Out Saturday 14Th October 2017

    Try the Lion Quays. On the A5 just down the road from Llangollen.
  2. Knownothing

    Sliding Pillar - Clearance To Wheel Inside Face?

    Hi Tony Just measured mine and I have 72mm clearance with 14 inch wheels. Maybe worth putting a photo up of where you want measuring just to confirm I have measured the correct gap but I think I've got it right. Cheers Rich
  3. Knownothing

    Head Gaskett Gone?

    Oil level is correct.
  4. Knownothing

    Head Gaskett Gone?

    Back in may i subjected my car to a drive back from Glencoe to North Wales on a really hot day. Now after driving for half an hour or so the radiator is boiling over with brown froth. Upon taking the radiator cap off a thick brown froth can be seen. Oil appears clean under the oil cap. Once the engine has cooled there is a film of bubbles on top of the water. Has the head gaskett gone? Any suggestions gratefully received. Cheers
  5. Knownothing

    Bonnet Vents

    I got plastic ones and painted them to match. A bit different and cheaper.
  6. Knownothing

    Mot Time

    Re heat, declutter nose cone, side vents and electric fan made a huge difference for me.
  7. Knownothing

    Mot Time

    Great, well done .
  8. Knownothing

    Mot Time

    Great, well done .
  9. Knownothing

    Mot Time

    Good luck!
  10. Knownothing

    Petrol Lawn Mower Cutting Out.

    Cheers both.
  11. Knownothing

    Petrol Lawn Mower Cutting Out.

    As the name of the topic says, briggs stratton petrol lawn mower cutting out after about five seconds. Any help gratefully received. Rich
  12. Knownothing

    Stoneleigh 2016 National Kit Car Show 1St 2Nd May

    Love the camera Richard. What camera is it?
  13. Knownothing

    Rolling Road Thread For Dummies

    I'm not really thinking of getting extra out of the engine more just making sure I am getting what I should.
  14. Knownothing

    Rolling Road Thread For Dummies

    As you probably know by now I am new and inexperienced when it comes to this kit car business. I see alot of discussion about rolling roads and would like to know if my car would benefit from a session or whether it is just for a higher spec'd car than mine. It's never been tuned and is a 1.6 pinto with basic ignition system and DGAV 32/36 carb. Thanks in advance.