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  1. Any idea which Peugeot , year and model the standard taper ball joints come off.
  2. I have standard Sierra hubs on my 2b with 240mm discs. I have also got set of sierra sapphire 4 pot callipers and 283mm disc that will not fit because the offset on the hub mounting point is not quite right. The sapphire hubs which the 4 pot callipers came from have different mounting point than standard sierra hubs and they also have a pinch type lower ball joint not the standard taper with a nut. Can you buy lower ball joints which will bolt onto a double wishbone and fit the sapphire pinch type ball joints? I can then change my hubs to suit new brakes Mark
  3. I have changed my rear subframe to a cosworth rear with solid discs then the smaller sierra vented fronts, should I use the same size master cylinder front and back then or do I just adjust the brake balance bar
  4. Those are the sizes that came with my kit. How come it is larger on the rear?
  5. Ok no valves it is, just thought I would ask before I start putting everything back together. How do you fine non servo brakes on standard sierra brakes, would going up to 283mm cosworth discs help
  6. Hi all, I have just fitted a floor mounted pedal box in my 2b project. The master cylinders are now lower than my clutch slave and also my brake calipers. I am fitting my reservoirs 400mm above the master cylinders for ease of fluid checks. By doing this will I still need to fit 2lb residual pressure valves. Any ideas Thanks Mark
  7. Rubbers removed , 5mm plate fully welded on top and 10mm hole drilled for a fixing point. Old sub frame fixing point removed and replaced with 5mm plate. RH plates were 2.5mm/3mm very bendy, New plates have gussets to take out any flex and a 60x30mm box running across the chassis will also stiffen everything up Everything is measuring up square so I'm going to replace the 10mm bolts with m14. I don't think the rear end is going anywhere now.
  8. Do you have a photo, my flat plate has a vertical hole in it which was used to bolt through the rubber bush then a horizontal hole on a tab which was used to bolt the plate to the trailing arm. So two holes in one fixing point Also do you have a photo of the welded plate Version. Do you have to pack the plate up around 25mm to simulate the height of the rubber ?
  9. I think the solid mount as per the supper spec is the way forward , even cutting off the rubber mount once everything is jig up, but re make the fixing point because the tab that bolts to the trailing arm on my chassis is starting to tear. It is an offset tab that is designed to push the car forward. The offset in the brackets is a weak point which is starting to show even after running a standard pinto. A rebuild from 3mm to 5mm and some triangles built into the plate should be good for 300hp if I'm lucky. Making Another fixing point on the top of the looped rear subframe would also take some load off the diff mounting point. Back to the drawing board.
  10. Floor mounted pedal box braced and fitted and frame work to hold the electrics and battery fitted with some 3mm aluminium sheet to rivet on top. This will give me access to the gear box if ever needed. No servo on theses brackets so I will have to wait and see how they perform.
  11. Anyone know why the sub frame is fixed to the chassis on rubber mounts, then Next to the rubbers the sub frame is then bolted fixed solid to a plate that links to the trailing arm. The diff is bolted solid to the chassis also. This means part of the sub frame is on rubbers and part of it is fixed solid. This can not be right can it? Would it not be better to put the diff on a rubber mount , strengthen the flat plate that the sub frame bolts to and remove the fixing point that the tailing arm was joined to. For example how it was designed to be fitted to the sierra cosworth.
  12. Rear xr4xr lsd 3.62 I think the 3.62 is correct. Blasted new bearings and painted
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