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  1. Hiya,

    I originaly had a filer on my 32/36 webber under the bonnet. However the best improvment i made was to purchach a tall RAM filter and cut hole in the bonnet and have the filter pretrude. It made the webber breath better with cooler air. That was until i went the hole bike carb route......

  2. For IVA i had to put a spreader plate going across the front, under the seat between the 2 front bolts. He explained that in an impact the weight is forced down onto the front on the seat. I think it also depends on what seats you use and how they are bolted to the floor. If they are flat to the floor, its different than if they have small load areas that could be forced through the floor in an impact. 

  3. Dont know I only know there on mine..

    Managed to heat and remove the large threaded side that goes into the ball joint. Just need to know the size and get a new piece of threaded bar or change the ball joint to a long Male threaded end instead of a female like it is now..

  4. Found the issue of no spark...one of the 2 wires from the coil to electronic ignition in dizzy had come free from its spade connector..once I put a new spade connect on she started straight away...seemed to run great, gave her a test run and went like a rocket...however she stopped again, just 50 metre from the house....😤 started her again and managed to get her home..

    I've got HT lead testers on so can see her sparking...they all seem ok at start then 1 & 2 start to miss and fade and then stop...so I'm reconning it's the accuspark electronic ignition that's at fault..

  5.  has fuel, no spark, so either rotor arm or accuspark ignition in dizzy...

    Power from coil to dizzy ok...no power showing from HTs...

    Changed dizzy cap but motor factor didn't have rotor arm, so will get one from somewhere tomorrow or Monday.

  6. Ok so I've probably got it the wrong way up..so it should as is in the picture..which also shows the lobe gap as being at the bottom as well...

    I've got it at the top pointing upwards lined up with centre line on cam cover..

  7. Hi,

    Can someone tell me which way the arrow should point on the pulley please. Because the pulley arrow points outwards instead of inwards like on a normal pulley I've been pointing this to dead centre of the cam cover when it's at the top... if I spin the nut off and look where the lobe is, it's at the top....which way would the lobe be for timing to TDC?

    I know on the standard pulley the marker/ arrow points to the dot at the bottom of the head when the crank pulley markings line up with line mark on the engine..

  8. Fixed....I shouldn't have been such a pessimist...just that I never needed a battery bulb before I renewed the alternator.. same model & everything..🤔

    Had to change my wing indicators to clear ones anyways as I had a pair for about a year or so, so used one of the old ones for the bulb holder for now and shoved it behind the dash until I can arrange something better...

    Again ..thanks everyone for all the advice....

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  9. Just check earth post to battery / engine and that makes no odds.

    So ive traced the warning light wire a brown and yellow one...from the back of the alternator to the old plugin for the old ford dash, which has never been connected to anything for a couple of years. This wire shows nothing at idle and then shows a few volts as you rev it. So i need to just put a bulb from that wire to earth? What type bulb is best?

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