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  1. Thanks for that, with the VIN number does it need to be on a certain size plate and where should i put them on the car?
  2. On another note, I'm nearing completion so how long does it normally take for the IVA to be booked, as I'm wondering if i should put in for it now if its gana take months. I live near Alton Towers so I'm guessing Derby is the one i would use.. Thanks.
  3. Actually that's pretty good, thanks for that. How does the IVA folk know if its already used? Do i guess it goes on the forms or do they just computer check at IVA test?
  4. Hi, Can anyone come up with a VIN number for me that will contain the letters MGD, for my series 3 RH? or am i just being lazy. I did look on wiki but it didnt realy make sense to me. Cheers.
  5. This is the 2 pieces, as i mentioned before i think the one is for going on the back but not sure about the loop.
  6. Hi Paul, I have a similiar issue as to where to mount the 3 point harness, I can see from your pictures how to run it from the rear, but what i'm struggling with is the seat mounted area. I have supplied with the harness 2 thick steel rectangular plates that just have a nut welded slightly off set in the middle, which i presume is for the rear mounting and 2 steel plated that is like a T piece with 4 holes in each corner and then a large loop, i dont have a clue on these 2.
  7. Hi, I have a Sierra one on mine that looks the same as everyone elses, yet when i have recently gone to fit the bonnet it seems to high by about an inch for the bonnet to fit on.
  8. Thanks for that, i will look on wiki for an idea.
  9. Sorry but in not getting the make your own VIn plate (what numbers etc do i use) or get one from DVLA what's involved in that?
  10. Hi, I missed this meet and was wondering when the next is. I live in Cheadle, Staffs and have just recently obtained a new Mk3 part built along with the father inlaw which we are working on in his double garage in Cauldon Low. We've already stripped the engine out and got it back in, just stripped and cleaned the hubs etc and got them back on, made up a dash, painted and sealed the engine bay, have the father inlaw currently working on the rear boot and wing sections, while i'm look at doing the bonnet and nose cone. The cars in a reasonably good shape with all the susepnsion parts new and on the car. Theres many a question i could put to someone with some knowledge particularly around whats best for the IVA etc.and just how to finish certain areas.
  11. Hi, thanks for the replys, so i can just make up a VIN number if i dont have one already and then once the car passes the IVA apply to the DVLA for a Q plate?
  12. Hi guys / girls, 1st off thanks to the guys i met at Stoneleigh who identified some puzzling parts i have that came with my part built Mark 3 kit. What im not sure about is that if i have no v5 from the donor car, only the reg number, where do i get the vin number for the IVA? Thanks Mark
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