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  1. This is the back of the alternator. I've only ever had the 3 pin plug in the back, no other wires..
  2. Not sure i get you...which of the 3 wires from the alternator do i put the bulb if i have 3 brown 2 with power from battery?
  3. So the "I" as in ignition connector...do i turn on igniotion without starting car to see which of the brown wires it is?
  4. Koso with speed sensor on propshaft
  5. Hi Guys, I've seen a few alternator woes on here latley sp hopefully someone will have an easy fix for me.... Seemed the battery was not charging enough to start car and as it was over 3 years old changed it for a higher cranking battery. Now new battery only seems to sit at 12v ish, so decided to go for a new alternator instead of 2nd hand. Still i only get 12v at battery. It starts fine and shoots straight back upto 12v ish and seems to sit there? i have type 7 alternator from the picture, with a 3 pin plug, 2 thin brown wires and 1 thick one. 2 of the wires have a 12v supply and the other seems to have nothing....but i also have power at B+ from the back of the alternator which i dont have a wire for? This is baffling me, so any advice would be grand...oh and i've treid reving it to ablove 3000 rpm makes no odds, and i don't have a battery light as i run a digital dash. thanks
  6. Hiya, Wanting front and rear braided brake hoses for my 3a with sierra front and rear brakes. Thank you guys...
  7. Found this guy who's decided to break his 2b if anyone interested. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/220759591868039/ He's given permission to post his details on here...
  8. What oil did you put in, in the end that made a difference?
  9. Yeah I reckon I probably do need to keep it where it is and work on the air flow. The small nose cone opening on a seven is a lot smaller than most car grills, which doesn't help. Looking to feed extra air through top of nose cone by making a mesh cover3d opening..also as put, need to block all around the rad to maximise flow through it.
  10. I have one mounted as you are looking to fit it, and it sucks air through the radiator. I run the fan from start up, as from experience the engine warms very quickly, so i dont need it warming 1st. Been good till now, but in this heat i'm thinking of trying to mount it in front of radiator, which is a bit more difficult in the 3a than a 2b.
  11. buy the ebay one, i did and its been great for over a year now. tried getting one from eurocarparts and after about 4 attempts to supply the right one i gave up on them.
  12. mdav1970

    Sump Removal

    If your putting not using the same sump gasket (which i presume your not) have you tried a heat gun?
  13. mdav1970

    Slow Filling Up

    Must admit one thing my 3 doesn't suffer from. Can fill it with about 30 quid and it fills super quick, got to be careful you don't spill it all over the back of the car.
  14. mdav1970

    Fuel Issue?

    Have you pulled the fuel pipe of the t-piece and ran the pump to see how much fuel is being pumped? Check the air vacuum is working by looking into each carb to see if the flaps rise and fall when lifted. Dirty carbs, blocked jets. Balance out of sync, although should still run better than what you've experienced. Checkout my video after i balanced the carbs the other day. Check out this video
  15. mdav1970

    32/36 Dgav Carb

    Hi, I have one with manifold, plus RAM air filter. Will Pm you some pictures Ta, Mark
  16. mdav1970

    2.0 Pinto Cam

    Anyone got one on here for sale....
  17. mdav1970

    2.0 Pinto Cam

    Hi, Im after a fast road cam for my 2l Pinto. Interested in what people may have sitting around and want to get rid of. Thanks.
  18. Hiya, Where abouts are you located? thanks
  19. I will possibly be there as i live in Leek, work in Stafford.
  20. Hi, For the last couple of outings when only slightly turning it would seem that the carbs were being starved as she would spit and stutter until straight again. On the way back from Stoneleigh she was doing it half way and then it stopped doing it. Threw the car into all the bends, roundabouts to try to get it to do it but it didn't....so i guess it cured itself. Oh the carbs are off a CBR750.
  21. Hi, Has anyone sealed the rocker cover with just gasket sealant and it's worked? Just done the tappets and now gasket won't seal as it's gone hard. it was an original type only been on a short time as well. So to get to Stoneleigh I need to seal the rocker with gasket sealant, but tried and failed, oil leaking out everywhere. But it could be that I didn't leave it to harden long enough?
  22. I did have it once that mine would start due to a weak starter motor. Messed around with everything else until i changed the starter, and wow it started quickly.
  23. Thanks. I've tighten it up as much as i can and it seems to fit nicely into the hub. Once i get a bit more time i will do the other side, but will have to wait until the lower shock bushes arrive before taking to the streets and trying it. There not due to arrive until after the weekend now, which is a shame.
  24. Well here are more pictures you can now see with the Photobucket fix Left original right new. Decided to go with a Mk3 Astra as this one matched the best. Holes matched perfect, the only difference is the size of the actual ball joint in the original is larger than the new. I've fitted one side and it seems ok. Yet to drive it and see what its like as i've still got a rear brake cylinder to replace and await delivery of the lower shock bushes.
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