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  1. I will take a picture and post on here later.
  2. The carbs in a very clean working condition. As with what I've put above it doesn't have the choke flaps as I took these off as never used choke. It is jetted for a 2.0l pinto, ran on mine for 2 years till I changed to bike carbs. I'm in Staffordshire not far from Alton Towers.
  3. Its Ivor iv'e sent it to.
  4. I've sent you the S7 build manual. Can you confirm you have it please mate. Thanks.
  5. Just a point...are you running the viscous fan coupling or electric fan? i have recently on my 3 with a pinto, changed to electric as the viscous wasnt pulling through enough air which was causing overheating at stand still. I just purchased a used mx5 one from a local breakers and made up brackets to fit it across the rad. Keeps lovely and cool now.
  6. Hi, Since changing to bike carbs i have my old weber 32/36 for sale with a new manifold. The carbs ran good before taking it off, there's no choke flaps, i took these off when i 1st put on the weber as it ran better without them. Just 10 accelerator pedal pushes and turn the key to start up. £100.00 Cheers..Mark
  7. I very recently purchased a perfect set of CBR600 bike carbs from a local bike breakers for £70.00, purchased the danst engineering manifold off ebay for £200. Other than a new throttle cable and some silcone hose to joint the manifold to the carbs that was it. Runs great for less than £300.
  8. Go on the website and just pay through paypal the £3.50 they wont send a pass just take your reg for when you arrive.
  9. Hi, This is on in Stafford next Sunday if anyone fancies a different show to the usual classics etc. http://www.runwaydisplay.com Been a couple of times and its not too bad, not massive but a good show of different cars from modern to classic. Nice dry standing as well. Cheers...Mark
  10. mdav1970

    Bike Carb

    Mines a 2.0 pinto and i recently fitted a set of cbr600 carbs from a local motor bike breakers £70.00 and they where as clean as whistle inside. A danST engineering manifold off ebay to match the carbs was £200, i would say it goes like a rocket compared with the weber 32/36. Idles lovely and revs like a dream. Pulls off quicker than any other car sat at the lights. it does lack top end speed, but hey how fast do you really want to go in a tin box. sometimes its about the great sound, lovely cornering and looks rather than racing someone to 100. The other thing with the pinto, yeah it may
  11. I have an original S7 build manual which i used to build my 3a, dated Aug 1993, if that helps? Almost same as 3a.
  12. Is it me as i cannot see the file upload icon anymore when replying to a thread?
  13. Yes, i went on the Sunday and it was packed. A really brilliant show. With it being so close to the town it made it a more easy going show, all the shops were open on the Sunday, a nice Weatherspoons breakfast.. Should book a club stand next year.
  14. I'm going to this already. Just turn up no need to book. Looks like it could be ok weather wise too.
  15. Only reason i took the servo off was due to the brakes binding when hot. Alright when cold but as soon as the engine bay was hot the brakes started to lock on. Couldn't figure it out, even with winding off the adjuster on the brake pedal. So just took servo off never happens.
  16. Just ran the car to the petrol station approx 3 miles there and back with no issues, Really revs freely and so much more responsive. Will possibly look to put servo back on car to assist in stopping :-)
  17. Brought the wrong gauge set as i don't have any take offs in the inlet pipes. Will need to use the single gauge type like this one However i have messed around with it and got it running reasonably good. Gave it a couple of test runs and was pleased with the way it runs, straight away much better than the 32/36 weber was
  18. What are these and what do they do?
  19. Under each carb i have a small angled outlet that the 2 middle carbs are already joined with using a single rubber hose when i got the carbs, are these not take of pipes?
  20. What's the best way to carry out the balancing?
  21. I have finally managed to find the time to setup the bike carbs on the car and they run. 2 problems i seem to have is: When i accelerate it's slow to return to idle even though the throttle will snap back on the cable closing all 4 butterflies 2 out of the 4 carbs seem to be sucking in more air than the other 2. I can put my hand over the trumpets and feel the air sucking in but not on the other 2. Will look for an air leak but i have tightened all the jubilee clips to the max.
  22. Any pictures of your set up?
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