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  1. Hi, Thanks both for your help with this. Just done it. Had to cut out an inspection panel now to the passenger foot well tunnel as well as the one i already had on the drivers side, so i could get to the inspection plate on the gear box. This has taken me a bit of effort to knock out as it was well stuck in and took a lot of bashing at angles to prior it out of the hold. Plastic gear came out easy and then as suggested i just knocked the broken piece out. Now i just got to reassemble the lot and fix the inspection hole i cut into the passenger side tunnel in a proper inspection plate. Thanks again for both your help.
  2. Hi, Any advice from anyone who has had the cable snap at gearbox end leaving the end of the metal cable stuck in the Speedo drive connector? I thought being metal I could prise it out with a magnet but that's not working. I don't want to attempt to tap it out as really no room. I have a n inspection cover in the driver's foot well already so can get to it easy enough just no room to get a drill bit in straight. Thanks.
  3. mdav1970

    Pinto Fan

    I always use a long screw driver on one edge and hit it with a hammer, remember thou its backwards threaded.
  4. mdav1970

    Expansion Bottle

    Ditto on the 1L bicycle water bottle, mounted to side of rad with overflow tube going through cap. Worked a treat all last year even in the odd extreme 30 c summer heat. (That one day in the summer)
  5. See this on fleebay item 231809402136 4 in to 1
  6. mdav1970

    Terminal Split?

    Can we have some pictures of the completed work please when its done...... i have a 3a and with negative comments about them it makes me kind of worried to throw it around, the roads that is not the garage... Maybe at Stoneleigh someone could take a look and point out where i need to make strengthening etc..
  7. Jealous.....of car but mostly the garage in the back ground, i can only wish and keep tapping my red shoes to together ...i wish i wish i wish
  8. I will be in attendance.....anyone meeting before going in??
  9. Cheers for that. NW Hoodies wont miss it...
  10. Hi, Before i re-manufacture mine i would like to see if anyone has any of these going spare in good condition. Thanks..Mark
  11. Hi, Can someone please be so kind as to point me to a link on ebay with the correct track rod ends for my upper ball joints on my 3a. Just want to renew them whilst car is off the ground. Thanks.
  12. I have a 3a too, and it was fine on the rear arches until my rather heavy mate got in the passenger seat for a trip to a show last year, rubbed the arch into the tyre for about 3 miles until i noticed a bad rubber burning smell. I had to increase the spring rating to 225lbs from i think on the originals about 150lbs if i am not mistaken? You may need to also look at doing this. Unless you don't have any rather larger mates going in the car
  13. Mine failed the 1st time with the IVA as plates on floor pan were not large enough. In the end i put bolts through thick steel plates up through the floor and then through a steel plate running across both front seat bolts. This will helps with the load across the front of the seats should you have a crash and wont push the seats through the floor. Passed ok with this.
  14. Anyone got one of these going on the cheap.plz. Thanks.
  15. You can stretch it round edges etc with a hair dry, but be careful to not over heat it, it can just shrink up like a crisp packet in the oven. (if you've ever tried that, if not have a go its fun)
  16. Recon you probably need a new cable. Mine had similar issue where i couldn't get it to tighten any further. Replaced cable which enabled a lot mire adjustment. Not sure if you can get the exact length for a RH, because the body length is not the same as a sierra the cables longer. I cut mine down an resolded one end.
  17. Tell you what, with a good clean up they will look marvelous....
  18. If that no good, go to B&G where you can get a u shaped aluminium length, cut it down to the required length and slightly bend the 2 ends to the required angle to go over the scuttle, I did this worked a treat.
  19. i recently cut a hole in the bonnet for the air filter and i used a Dremel with a diamond cutting disc which i got from a local DIY shop, got about 5 in a pack for a fiver. I was really surprised just how easily they cut through the steel, and as they where small i managed to cut the whole oval shape in one go.
  20. You could always have the parts powder coated? i did this on a 3 series M20 inlet manifold & matching rocker cover, did them in a really light blue, looked amazing, sometimes its better to look good with out the bling, bling. Also many colours to choose from and no messing. You have 2 large areas to do so a colour would stand out better against the shine of the car. Give it a more new engine look. Just a thought.
  21. Hawknorth can you send me a better picture, cant see it enough, PM it me?
  22. Thanks Longboarder that's exactly as is fitted. Im guessing its just the lock nut had been tightened up too much eventually causing it to lockup and snap. I'm guessing i could change them for a more conventional polly bush with crush tube?
  23. Shank of bolt. Both front wishbone bushes are the same. The suspension was about the only parts on the car when I bought it. Not sure how other 3a's are done?
  24. The only thing is that i don't have a crush tube in the middle of the bush. Both the front and rear bushes are solid white nylon type bushes, the bolt just goes through and the nylon bush pivots on the bolt as the bush doesn't flex or move. Is this common or perhaps just a 3A thing?
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