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  1. No mines a mini motor with those these colours coming from the motor so I wire them straight to the stalk ?
  2. Hi guys anyone got any pics on how to do this wiring diograms would be really great full
  3. Anyone got any pics they can send me on how they fitted and what they used
  4. It does turn over but won’t fire up
  5. Just gone to start mine not used for a while ! When it started the engine was running high then cutting down then running high again it sounded like it was trying to suck in more air ! I turned it off checked the air intake hoses they are fine. Tried to start it up again and now it won’t start ? I have fuel and spark on all four spark plugs any ideas peaple
  6. How did you do it got any picks send to jon@gasbits.com
  7. Anyone done this if so how did you get over the pipes for the spare wheel iv cut it off already but dont want to weaken the chassis as its connected underneath
  8. Davo where about a are you i live in Bournemouth
  9. http://www.enginebasics.com/Engine%20Basics%20Root%20Folder/oil%20cooler%20basics.html
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