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  1. Why is something so simple so hard to figure out all sorted and working now thanks
  2. I thought I was sorted I can get the rear wiper option on the stalk to work on and off even though I don’t have one ! I can get it to work for front wipers turn off Iv tried different variations with no luck . I suppose I could leave it that if I push the stalk down to bring the wipers on that would do but I want it to work correctly
  3. I have but didn’t get anywhere last time I tried I have no plug just The cables on the motor need someone to show me how they wired the stalk straight to the motor if that’s the correct way to do it ?
  4. Hi guys still not don’t this yet my motor has red ,blue and yellow cables from it i have the stalk that has the lights wipers and rear wiper function I hate wiring I have four cables not connection the stalk these must operate motor some how ? brown/black brown/yellow black/violet black/green Any idea guys how to wire this uk many thanks
  5. No mines a mini motor with those these colours coming from the motor so I wire them straight to the stalk ?
  6. Hi guys anyone got any pics on how to do this wiring diograms would be really great full
  7. Anyone got any pics they can send me on how they fitted and what they used
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