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  1. Ok makes sense , I was going to ores a bias pedal box but I think I can overcome the problem with the push rod , what master cylinder do people recommend ?
  2. What modifications need to be done ? Would I need a longer brake rod and also a new mounting plate ?
  3. Hi , I’m running a Sierra pedal box along with the original servo. I have a 4 branch manifold on the engine that’s touching the servo. Is there anyway to overcome this ? Can the servo be removed or can the pedal box be altered ?
  4. Brokey12

    IVA Sub K

    It was a complete car but without the Iva , i stripped everything back and started again making sure everything so far is iva compliant. It’s also had the strengthening plate added to the chassie. Everything’s there to complete it. I’ve spent a lot of hours on it and it’s nice to have something you’ve built yourself . It’s not intended for track use just something to take out on weekends eventually.
  5. Brokey12

    IVA Sub K

    Hi , ive rebuilt my SubK over the past 6 years, added strengthening and also replicated a Caterham rear end, all panels remade by hand . everything powdercoated etc...... im at the point where I don't know whether to keep going and iva it or buy something already done . what are peoples thoughts.
  6. Hi , Ive finally remade the body on my car , im at the stage of putting in the loom but I’m struggling to find a diagram for a Vicki green pinto. Can anyone help me out ? A Sierra one may also help for cross reference. Thanks
  7. I've been and bought a alloy rs2000 rad it's the closest I could find to the original hopefully it stays a bit cooler
  8. Brokey12

    Sub K Radiator

    Hi did Robin Hood supply a radiator with the sub k kit ? If so could anyone tell me what it's off as mine needs replacing , thanks
  9. I'm thinking of going high capacity , It was fine before but now the engines out for a refurb I think it may be worth doing for piece of mind as I have a alloy sump to go on at the same time
  10. Mines a standard 2.0 bottom end , race cam ( most aggressive you can get ) , dellorto 40s , vernier pulley and that's 135bhp, to get 160 out of mine I would expect a big bill for internals from a performance engine company
  11. Hi I have a standard pump on my pinto at the moment now have a race cam and pulley along with 40s would it be worth upgrading the oil pump ? If yes what type I see there high pressure and high capacity
  12. Hi what have people done about seats and runners in there kits I currently have cobras bolted to the floor , which are no good as don't adjust what would people recommend and why ?
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