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  1. b3nny

    Spongey Brakes

    No I have the diff with drive shafts but my drive shafts are also hybrid, allowing a bolt on fitting to the diff bit a push fitting to the hub. My drums have Ford printed on them which led me to belive they are escort as the cylinder is at the bottom?
  2. b3nny

    Spongey Brakes

    Just been looking at cylinders and as you say very cheap, now I'm not 100% what my rear end of the car is made up from, from Google images it looks like I have escort drums, am I right in saying that the wheel cylinder on a escort is at the bottom where as on the Sierra it's at the top? Mine has 2097 stamped on the front of it
  3. b3nny

    Spongey Brakes

    Just had her apart and I'm pretty sure what I've found thed the pproblem, I've found to tiny pin prick holes in the wheel cylinder seal that is leaking fluid under pressure. This is bound to be the problem I would have thought?
  4. b3nny

    Spongey Brakes

    Will this also cause the the braking in general to be poor?
  5. b3nny

    Spongey Brakes

    I'm in contact with him but I said I'd have a look over this weekend and let him know. But if I can't he will be getting it back. How do I go about setting up the drum and checking the adjuster assembly is correct? The handbrake didn't feel as good as before would the shoes not being adjusted enough cause the rest of the brakes to feel and act this way?
  6. b3nny

    Spongey Brakes

    I had to have some welding done as I had snnapped a suspension bracket which in turn knackered my cv joint, the guy that done the work for me took the whole lot out on the passenger rear, now all back together the brakes are very poor and spongy I've bled the system twice with a easy bleed putting a full easy bleed bottle through each caliper and drum but with no luck? They where working spot on before the work, is there anything in the drum that may not have been put back together properly causing my problem?
  7. Thanks Simon, but I think as grim advised it sounds like I need a whole new drive shaft, I'm going to attempt to remove it tomorrow and have a measure up, I'm just hoping the diff bolts aren't seized in
  8. Just had a very quick look under the car, I have the bolt on type drive shafts, would there be a 'normal' size used for kit cars? I have a cosworth box if that would make any difference. If it comes to it I will have to strip it out to see what I have but ideally would like to have the parts sat ready to go straight back on
  9. No arsing about mate, haven't had time to get out there and get it apart it's also outside under cover at the moment, obviously if it's goosed I will fit a new one but I don't want to spend 50 odd quid if I can do it for less than a tenner. I also need to find out what ones I have before I order but I think I'm going to have to strip it out to id exactly what ones I have.
  10. Looking on eBay they are not as rare as I thought, do our kitty's use a certain size or is that down to the builder when he built it?
  11. I'm not sure if it is knackered I haven't had it out to check, but it was making a slight noise and there was light smoke when I come to a stop, which I assumed might have been the grease on a hot hub? It was fine in the morning I took it 2 miles up the road for a geo setup then picked it up (he didn't drive it) went for a boat down a long mile stright and around a couple of round abouts then the same again in the afternoon, would it really be dead this quick? A total of approx 10 miles. I understand your concern amenities wouldn't botch it. From what I have read the drive shafts are like rocking horse..... Aren't they?
  12. I'll take a look this evening, I've found the universal ones on eBay but the seller says they are for front only? Is that the case? Would front ones fit the rear?
  13. I will check that out tomorrow as I take it apart, but fair shout I'll do the pair of any has got in there
  14. So will I be better off doing the pair or will I get away with just doing the one as it's hub side?
  15. Great I will have a look, so it's my inner bolt which has split? So once the hub is removed I can't leave it attached to the dif in situ? I wasn't sure if I was going to loose any fluids if removing the whole shaft?
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