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  1. Evening Bob & Mo. Nice to see so many confirmed attendees for this years bash at your country estate, please add Wendy and I to your guest list ( including skittles) and look forward to seeing you all there . Vic & Wendy
  2. Hi Bob and Sylvia, Please add us to the list for the Christmas bash, be good to see the crowd again. Vic & Wendy
  3. Hello one and all, getting closure to the weekend and weather is looking reasonably good for Sunday. Still plenty of time to add your names to the list. Looking forward to seeing you all Sunday Vic & Wendy
  4. Food for Vic & Wendy 2 x Prawn Cocktails 1 x Liver & Bacon 1 x Ham egg and chips
  5. Attendees so far Bob & Sylvia Vic & Wendy Dave Jackie Steve,Val & Leanne
  6. Good evening one and all, I have been press ganged er sorry I have volunteered to arrange this month's Pants & Corset Division of RHOCaR meet on Sunday 13th April . Wendy has a great selection of ... oh yes the meeting, I have selected a very nice Pub & restaurant just outside Andover at Picket Piece called the Wyke Down Country Pub. ( www.wykedown.co.uk ). I have booked a table for 12.30 sit down, all interested parties please look at the menus on their website and if possible I would like to send them a list of starters/mains/desserts by Wednesday 9th April. Wendy & I look
  7. Strapping someone to a bonnet, now that I've got to see, add 2 more please young Mr Fry. Vic & Wendy
  8. Hi Bob Lets see if this works. <img alt="La Vie Logo" height="239" id="yiv111828520Picture_x0020_1" width="737" /> For immediate release: <i id="yui_3_7_2_1_1393071466603_2035"><img alt="cid:image002.jpg@01CF2D69.81044370" height="260" id="yiv111828520Picture_x0020_2" width="576" /></i> <i><img alt="cid:image003.jpg@01CF2D69.81044370" height="260" id="yiv111828520Picture_x0020_3" width="301" /></i> <i><img alt="LaVie2010-4693 (640x360)" height="256" id="yiv111828520Picture_x0020_4" width="457" /></i>
  9. Hi Bob & Mo, yes not too bad nearly straight. Should be done by Christmas lol not quite sure which year though.... V&W
  10. Hi Bob, i suppose you had better add Wendy & I to the Christmas bash listing, at least that way you will have someone to thro' your sprouts at. It's been many many months since we last saw anyone from the clan so hope more people will join us. YES YOU LOT PUT YOUR HANDS UP AND ADD YOUR NAMES TO THE LIST, Hope to see you all very soon Vic & Wendy
  11. Hi Derek, sorry just seen your reply. Glad you are now sorted. Vic
  12. Hi Derek, just posted shortened sump in the for sale listings. Have a look and see what you think... Vic
  13. Having a clear out session of items that may be of use to someone. ( if not then good old flea bay ) First up accelerator peddle & bracket in very good condition £10 plus P&P 2. expansion tank from VW Corrado 7" sphere approx ( cost to me from breakers ) £20 plus P&P 3. expansion tank from sierra sapphire £5 plus P&P 4. Shortened sump pinto £90 plus P&P plus p&P 5. Group of castors all rated at 90Kg precision bearings. £30 ( 6 swivel, 3 directional lock and 4 total lock.) Any question please ask away. I will try and upload pic's Vic
  14. Just renewed our kit today £128. 5500 miles, 90 day euro cover, 2 named drivers £100 excess, free legal and fully comp... Adrian Flux
  15. Just renewed our kit today £128. 5500 miles, 90 day euro cover, 2 named drivers £100 excess, free legal and fully comp... Adrian Flux
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