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  1. PaulB49

    2B Front Dampers, Shocks.

    Hi Martin I might not be able to get there Sunday. Could you box them up and I can arrange a courier to collect from you. Cheers Paul
  2. PaulB49

    2B Front Dampers, Shocks.

    Sounds like the easiest option.
  3. PaulB49

    2B Front Dampers, Shocks.

    Hi Martin, any idea on weight and I can look into a courier. If thats not possible are you going to Stoneleigh ? Could collect from there.
  4. PaulB49

    2B Front Dampers, Shocks.

    Will have all 4 off you. Where are you? Can you post if too far. I'm in Leeds.
  5. PaulB49

    2B Front Dampers, Shocks.

    Hi my nearside front shocker is leaking, anyone got a pair lying around they would like to sell me?
  6. PaulB49

    Wanted Zetec 1.8.

    Got another 1.8 zetec, its in and working ok for now. Thanks for all the replies.
  7. PaulB49

    Wanted Zetec 1.8.

    Mine has spun a shell and will need new crank, con rod and shells. Just to get me back on road quickest and costing about the same if not slightly cheaper is to put another engine in. I have a 2ltr but it needs stripping. Don't have time at moment as moving house. Crappy timing.
  8. PaulB49

    Wanted Zetec 1.8.

    Currently Silvertop.
  9. PaulB49

    Wanted Zetec 1.8.

    Timing is everything.
  10. PaulB49

    Wanted Zetec 1.8.

    What are you using, turbo manifold etc
  11. PaulB49

    Wanted Zetec 1.8.

    Thanks tractor. Watching that one already. Also have a 2ltr in the garage but it needs refurbing, was planning on putting a turbo on it as well. Project for next winter. Just as t a quick replacement to get me back on the road.
  12. PaulB49

    Wanted Zetec 1.8.

    Hi, my 1.8 Zetec has died. Anyone out there got a spare one lying about they want rid of. Summer is fast approaching and I cant let her sit this one out. Thanks.
  13. PaulB49

    Vin Number

    I've just sent my IVA forms and they seem to have accepted my made up vin number. So far anyway its only been 2 weeks since I sent them off. And they have used my vin emails.
  14. PaulB49

    Engine I. D Number

    I just received a letter back from ford technical dept saying its no longer there. With no other information as to where to send it. Will have to rely on Burton page.
  15. PaulB49

    Iva Testing Station, Best One?

    Was thinking of Beverly anyway. For some reason I like it better than the others.