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  1. How have you guys joined the bonnet and scuttle rubber seals a lip or and or ideas and pics would really help many thanks
  2. Whats the best stuff to put on rusty sheet metal before painting it its only surface rust cheers
  3. Building a robin hood 2b and wanted ideas and pics of your harness anchor points to pass an iva cheers
  4. Dakes

    Floor Strengh

    Is it worth £144 tho its a sheet of 3mm steel or it the angle iron a better way to go
  5. Dakes

    Floor Strengh

    Cheers u got any pocs of this please
  6. Dakes

    Floor Strengh

    Just angle iron or i see you can buy a iva strengthening kit made from 3mm steel
  7. Dakes

    Floor Strengh

    Im currently rebuilding a robin hood 2b which has the sheet steel floor dose it need the strengthening kit to pass an iva test please
  8. Would you swap for a honda Fireblade 918RR 1999 thanks Karl
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