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  1. No excuse Kerry, I’m going to be there and I live in Corfu!
  2. Hi Andy, Claire and Jasper, thanks for a great night out, sorry bit late with the reply but been very busy. Wishing you and all RHOCaR members and families a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year. See you all in 2018. Keep safe. PJ.
  3. Hi Derek, Sorry to hear about the gearbox! The guy who lived over the road from my house in Asfordby had a spare type9 that he picked up quiet cheap. His name is also Derek, maybe worth a knock on the door? Pj
  4. Hi All, as title says, I'm in need of an exhaust manifold for my 2L pinto. Mine has a fabricated 4-2 2x2-1 system but has started to develop holes and splits faster than I can weld them up, plus it's very,very thin. Please let me know what if anything you may be willing to part with for some folding beer tokens? Pj.
  5. Well as some of you on here know Sheena and myself are emigrating to Corfu in the next couple of months. Now I have to part with my Robin Hood S7. The car is correctly registered on the v5 as Robin Hood. Original number plate C reg. full wet weather gear and doors, mot till next April, loads of spare parts, quick 2 L Pinto with Kent cam. Offered on here before putting on fleabay. Looking for £3,500.00 Trying to put photos on. Cheers PJ
  6. Pauljordan


    What goes on Hoodstock stays on Hoodstock, but the is a bit of Andi rapping on fb! Lol
  7. Pauljordan


    Thanks to all who attended, great turn out, good run out, great meal at pub thanks to Kerry's string pulling. No casualties or breakdowns, just a scary moment for Matt with a steering wheel issue! And as above Thanks to everyone for leaving the site as it was before we rolled up. The farmer and his wife are very impressed and are looking forward to our event again next year.
  8. No probs mate, looks like we may get a good turn out! How's the day time telly going?
  9. Pauljordan


    Looking like a good turn out of folks. Not sure we can get planning permission for Derek and MO's bedroom but if it turns up I'm sure we will put it somewhere......... All the more the merrier.
  10. Pauljordan


    Andi, think Hoodstock needs a new post or bringing to the front again? Would be good to get some idea of numbers that will defo be coming.
  11. My S7 has transit top ball joints and Sierra track rod ends. Replaced all last year from Parkers. PJ
  12. Morning Matt, just found out that your event is NOT going to the Motofest. I thought it was combined with it. So sorry unless you bring photo man to Cov with you I will have to miss this. But if you come to Cov. The RHOCaR have a dedicated stand/ plot and this would make many good photos, plus lots of cars. May even cover your mans costs at a fiver a shot! Cheers PJ.
  13. See you there Matt. Can you book the sunshine and dry roads please? Lol
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