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  1. johnyt

    2B Strengthening

    Hi Fellas Thanks for the replies Here are a couple of pics, it looks like I have the 3 or 3a If that is the case what are the main points of weakness on these cars? and am I in the right ball park making a support frame thanks again john
  2. johnyt

    2B Strengthening

    HI Guys I am all new to the kit car build Anyway purchased a 2b that was never finished and stripped down to the monocoque. Looking at the front end I am thinking of changing the front anti roll bar to Cosworth compression struts by enlarging the front plate to go under the nose cone and rose jointing the front end. Has anyone done this. Also looking where the diff and rear shocks mount, looks a bit week, has anyone beefed this up. I was also wondering about putting a small ladder support for the monocoque out of 25mm box section to add some rigidity, again anyone else done this and would it cause any issues with testing? Many thanks John