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  1. mike


    I went on the sunday, excellent day out! Plus some young race driver set rear brakes on fire on a Mclaren mercedes SLR doing burnouts!
  2. The rolling road in bury is called RE performance, used to be known as rally equipe its been going for years, its about 2mins off the M66. Ive never had any tuning done there but a friend did organise a power run day there awhile back, the old bloke who runs it seem alright, but cant really say how good they are. Mike
  3. mike

    Jet Ski's?

    At Last a good day! The westfield is running again although not completly back together and roadtested but its a start and the best of all I've bit the bullet today and bought myself a 1998 seadoo XP 110Hp jet ski! Now i just need to finish the westfield and get it sold but won't be able to finish it or play with the jetski till next week as iam of to the TT tomorrow for 4days! mike
  4. mike

    Jet Ski's?

    I know what you meen bill, i am planning on going back to robin hood but dont know weather to build one again or buy built. I like the sound of the redtop 2B for sale at minute, but have no where to keep it till the westy sold which meens i need to get it fixed and currantly having major problems as the bloke who built the engine has used parts out of different types of bikes so cant get the right parts! But also really want a jet ski!!!!!
  5. mike

    Jet Ski's?

    Cheers for all that, yes the polaris is a 3 cylinder although i have now found a kawasaki zxi 1100 3cylinder 1998 £2000,o.n.o sounds pretty good??? Whats exactly involved when they say serviced cant be much surely and what does winterised involve??? Need to make a decision whether to fix westfield first or buy jet ski and then hope i can be bothered to fix the westfield instead of messing round on jet ski!!! Mike
  6. Well the AA got me back from stoneleigh o.k the other week, was just like booking a taxi! Can you send a big flat bed truck please plus was dry and warm on the way home too! Mike
  7. mike

    Jet Ski's?

    Would i be better saving myself a few quid and buying one of the old yamaha 650T as they seem to go for around 1000-1200 mark but obviously dont look as good and i assume wont be as fast but it will be my first jet ski so could be somewhere to start??? just want something pretty fast and as reliable as possible dont want to have it sat in the garage broke like the westfield curranly is! Mike
  8. mike

    Jet Ski's?

    Was actually currantly looking at a 1998 polaris 1050cc but from what you've said thats not a good move! Luckily no family just me and my friends messing round. I have been told different things about seadoo some people say need a lot of maintenance? The polaris sounds well looked after and is'nt far from me but he wont take less than £2300. Is there anything in general to look for on jet ski's??? Mike
  9. mike

    Jet Ski's?

    Iam currantly looking at buying a jet ski and was wondering if anybody could tell me which to avoid and which are worth a look (seadoo,polaris,yamaha)? I was after quite a cheap one, was thinking £2000 region? any thoughts much appreciated dont want to end up with a dog constantly breaking down! Or something thats sat in the garage in bits broke down like my westfield or plastic canoe as jim calls it! Mike
  10. Yes you can Bill, especially after that swift reply! I will hopefully be going to newark (although possibly not in the westfield,depends if i get it fixed in time!) so could bring it along then? unless you want it sooner? Mike
  11. If anybody wants a used windscreen glass I have one sat in the garage not immaculate but perfectly useable and FREE to anybody that wants it, otherwise it will only end up in the bin so someone might aswell have a spare! Mike
  12. mike

    Speeding Ticket

    A friend of mine was caught a few months back late at night doing 45 in a 30, he got sent the notice of prosecution thing and decided there was no point going to court, as he would only get 3 points and £60 fine anyway so might aswell accept it, then got sent a letter saying they had decided to give him the strongest punishment possible for what he'd done 5 points £190! not a happy man and wished he'd gone to court as could'nt have got any worse! Mike
  13. The problem with the rollers is quite an old one now, nearly all of the 2.0XE engines had large metal rollers only the very late ones with a black top instead of red came with the plastic rollers. The problem really relates to the ecotec engines 1.4,1.6,1.8 and the X20XEV. I would have thought they all had been changed from GF50 now as the plastic part of the roller used to break up then loose the belt timing! Although even when the rollers have been changed in the past, I used to always fit 2 new rollers and a tensioner with a new belt as you could guarantee the rollers would go noisy with a new belt on! and for the extra expense you at least know there should be no problems there for a while. Mike
  14. Your probably find theres an anti gravity valve some where in the flow pipe above the boiler that has stuck open. The idea is in summer when boiler fires on its own for hot water with no pump the hot water can rise from the boiler up to the cylinder but not to the rads, then when you want the heating on, the pump overcomes the spring pressure in the valve allowing water to the rads. I would have thought probably the same in yours Jim. But the valves can be buried in the walls and all sorts and near impossible to find let alone change sometimes, so an easy solution is thermostatic rad valves and just switch them off in summer. Mike
  15. When i took my exmo for sva in 2002 the examiner actually burnt his leg on my exhaust when leaning in to look under the dash! he then joked about the fact he couldn't fail me for that but he could for the sharp edge he noticed while under there!!! :angry: Mike
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