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    Every Cloud

    Could find that its because the garage turns over alot of normal unleaded so its bought at the latest prices whereas the super was bought a couple weeks ago so is still at the old price? I Think i payed 116p a litre for super unleaded at a motorway services last novemeber!!!!
  2. I added lower risk drivers ( my parents ) to my policy and it put the premium up! Flux gave me £10% off for being a club member and 15% off for having built the car myself
  3. I had to get an extension for mine, best bet is going to a scrappy
  4. Any rear wheel drive car is a liability in the wrong hands, whether it be an M3, Lotus 7 rep and through to the humble MX5
  5. tom2b

    Bp 102 Octane

    i got my car with 45s rollered on bp ultimate, used it on tesco 99 and it was fine, i use tesco petrol all the time in the 206 and kitcar and never had any trouble . . . yet
  6. Ah yes ive heard of that one. I am perhaps being too cautious, just dont want to get stung!
  7. My mates in the army and he uses the title of civil servant for insurance
  8. I have had a man ring me from australia after seeing the car on pistonheads. He sounded genuine and said that hes coming on holiday to norfolk in 6 weeks time to buy a kitcar and asked if i would take a deposit to hold the car. I declined as have got someone trying to arrange a viewing for this weekend, also i really just want to sell the car outright asap. I dont want to rule this man out but at the same time im naturally suspicious of overseas purchasers, am i being too cautious?
  9. Ive settled on a classified listing on ebay, £13 for 28 days, still on pistonheads. Im sure it wont take long to sell, im probably being impatient!
  10. Im thinking of putting my robinhood on ebay, its currently for sale on here and pistonheads. Its only been up for a week on pistonheads, ive had enquiries but nothing concrete. Im tempted to use ebay but dont understand the charges system, would i be best to use buy it now or put it up as a classified? How much will it cost me to sell it on there aswell? I dont want to accept the full amount via paypal as its so costly to use when your looking at a £5k sale
  11. Glad it wasnt any worse. I cant believe all the car drivers did was shout at you, what a bunch of t*ssers!
  12. Car now listed on pistonheads Pistonheads advert
  13. I was out greenlaning on my motorbike a couple weeks ago and a sparrow hawk dropped a rabbit out of the air in front of me, quite a weird experience. A few years ago another one thought my helmet was food and tried attacking me
  14. Very reluctant sale of my 2b, i no longer get the time to drive it due to a new motorbike. The car has been well looked after and built to a high standard. Details below: Robinhood 2b plus (wishbone model) Completed and svad 11th july 2006 Age related number plate Mot not required until July 2009 Tax until July Engine & transmission 2.1 Ford pinto engine Rolling road tuned November 2007, 143bhp at the wheels 165 at the flywheel, graph attached Stage 2 tuned big valve cylinder head 285° Piper cam shaft Adjustable vernier pulley Lightened crankshaft and flywheel Weber twin 45 carburettors with pipercross filters Bestek ignition distributor Aldon flame thrower coil Shortened sump Stainless steel oil catch tank with breather filter Omex rev limiter with shift light Adjustable fuel pressure regulator 4 branch stainless steel manifold Custom chrome stainless steel silencer Reconditioned type 9 5 speed gearbox Interior Cobra 7 seats Sparco 4 point harnesses Momo steering wheel Fully carpeted lockable boot Fully carpeted interior Full wet weather gear with caravan awning rail to the front so it doesn’t leak like poppers Surrey top with caravan awning rail to the front so it doesn’t leak like poppers Suspension & wheels Gaz coilovers all round 5 Spoke alloy wheels Nearly brand new good year eagle F1 tyres to the rear, very good condition avon tyres on the front Miscellaneous Halogen headlight conversion Mini wiper system Stainless steel braided brake lines Additional stainless steel louvers in the bonnet to assist cooling Folder full of receipts to accompany the car £4995 PM me for details
  15. ive just checked whether the vehicle has insurance or not on the www.askmid.com website and it doesnt!
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