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  1. I put Gaz shocks from kit spares on .I also got the upgrade bottom shock absorber brackets for the super spec bolt straight on.
  2. Hi Alan Not a problem I will keep them for you I will send my address over to you. Regards Darren
  3. Ford dohc temp sensors would do as spares if your running the old dohc ford engine. No money wanted first to ask gets them send me your address and I will post them to you. Regards Darren
  4. Ford dohc engine this has been sat around for some time did start to strip it as plan was to rebuild for spare for the kit car. As no longer have the car I dont need the engine free to collecter or take what bits you want and I will dispose of the rest . Regards Darren
  5. They were on my super spec. Original came on the car with the zimmer set up if you still use them on your car they might be some use to you for a spare set. No money wanted absolutely free first to ask gets them just send me your address and I will post them out to you. Regards Darren
  6. Thanks. Yes I have told the new owner to join this great club. Yep still young just hoping to get through this and get on the mend. I wish to get back in a kit but I can’t see that happening any time soon. All the best to everyone be safe on the roads most of all have fun. Darren
  7. jelleyhead

    Sad Day

    Hi all. After a lot of thought and talking with the wife I decided to put the kit up for sale this has not been an easy thing for me to do but due to my health problems it is just not practical for me to keep the car. The car was on eBay Sunday sold it Monday and delivered the car to the new keeper yesterday. The good thing about it is he is local so I will still see the car about. 4 years I have had the car and enjoyed ever minute of it but unfortunately it looks like my kit car days are over thanks to everybody that has advised me and answered my questions over the years. Thanks again Darren
  8. I have my dad coming with me otherwise I would have.
  9. I can make this as it’s only down the road from me I would need to leave around 12 though if anybody is going.
  10. Sounds like a plan to me. I am picking my dad up first from Kettering then I will meet you at the Overstone arms. Should be there for 09:15/09:20
  11. Is there any chance of meeting up with anybody along the A14 Sunday morning. I will be getting on at Kettering I will do my best to keep up with you. Also what time should I be looking at getting to Stoneleigh for.
  12. Is there room to squeeze me in never been to this. I would only be doing the Sunday as have to work on the Monday what sort of time is best to get there at. Also would it be ok to bring my old man with me although he’s not club member.
  13. Alarm bells did start to ring when he said it was registered as a triumph. Thanks for the info. I think i will walk away mybe even run away fast. I have problems with my kit at the moment so am best not to add to it.
  14. So he's give it a good hammering by the sounds of it. Ye he lives in corby so i would think he might have taken it to rockingham speedway. Thanks for the info
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