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  1. is there more than 1 on the setup? il need all of them then! i will also need any bushed req in the assembly? thanks for your speedy reply
  2. hello, before anyone suggests it i would love to upgrade to wishbones but don't have the money currently. I'm looking for the bearings that are used in the sliding pillar set up. also any bushes as i think my set up is missing a few bits. does anyone have a drawing of a sliding pillar set up where al the parts go and in what order? many thanks joe
  3. Have you still got the hubs?
  4. Looking at them again I don't think they will fit they are made for a locust. I think il bit the bullet and buy from gbs! Unless anyone is selling a set on the forum.....wish full thinking
  5. Might be a silly question but found these on ebay and wondered if they would fit a robin hood? 231791630669
  6. Do you have any pictures of the final result, I have seen the ones at the start of this thread and look good! Do you have your pictures? Thanks joe
  7. Ok that sounds good looking at them they are both the same price so I would go for the second set? http://www.kitspares.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=wishbonethank you for all the advice, I know it's a million questions
  8. Here is a picture of a chassis I saw on ebay, after studying this the only part on mine that is different is the bar that goes across the engine bay, I just have a corner part for the steering rack. Not completely across http://postimg.org/image/b4byr77ih/also looking into the wishbones I'm much more tempted after reading your comments! Does anyone know anybody selling an old set? Also looking on gbp there are two different types but the pictures and discription are the same? Many thanks for all you help....joe
  9. Also on the note about wishbones I did ask a while back but I hear it is an expensive modification not sure if I can afford it on top of the build costs! Unless there is a cheaper way?
  10. Ive just had a look at thw handbrake placment on the tunnel but i think because i have already widened the tunnel to accept the new box i will leave it in the footwell as im tight for space already! But the pictures are great! Not to sure what you mean bob as to lozenging? I thought the rear of the car was standard apart feom the modifacations i have added to the rear outer bar for the suspension? This is a photo of where and what the prwvious owner left me with http://s29.postimg.org/woq6wgvxz/IMG_20150307_WA0000.jpg
  11. Florin metal works what do you mean run the handbrake on the top tunnel tubes? Also how do I become a full member? Many thanks for you comments it gives me confidence to keep going!
  12. also spray a small amount of water on the surface before applying it and sqeeze it out with a credit car or similar as that allows you to pull it back off much easier if there is a mistake.
  13. ok ive eventually uploaded a picture of the chassis. it was changed and cut about by the previous owner to acomidate a 3lt auto enging that looked like it was from a truck! it has now been changed to take a 2lt lexus is200 enging and box with a full lexus rear subframe and suspension. what do you guys think will it work or not? haha thanks for the advice and dont take the piss to much! http://s29.postimg.org/3jsohxxg7/IMG_20150919_WA0002.jpg
  14. Just seen this on ebay, hiw has he managed this obviously built by somone else but as stated in the text it's still registered as a Ford Sierra but has been mot'd and taxed. Also insured for years? How do you get an mot on somthing that is meant to be a Ford when it is clearly a hood? The item number is 131658580768. Thanks joe
  15. Sorry I can't seem to post any pictures so il add a link shortly with some photos
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