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  1. Bob

    Stilton Run 2017

    Easy one...... 2x Stilton Pate 2x Roast Lamb Cheers, Bob.
  2. Bob

    Stilton Run 2017

    Hi, 2 more if possible. Bob and Chiara. Ta very much, Bob.
  3. Bob

    Pinto Idle Valve

    Will investigate all suggestions after 1 week eating prosciutto and drinking a few glasses of Pinot grigio in Italy. Idle....idle.....idle,,,,,
  4. Bob

    The Charity Classic 2015 July 12Th 2015

    I'll be bringing along my racy Italian! Book me in
  5. Bob

    Pinto Idle Valve

    Thanks guys. So here's the problem.......usual idle 'hunting' when the engine warms up. Have already taken the valve off, encouraged it the behave by soaking it in white spirit, sprayed with WD40, refitted with gasket sealant and same problem. So then I stuck a meter on the incoming voltage and found the ECU is telling it to hunt. OK, so probably not the valve (dont know what tells the ECU to do that) but for 17 quid could rule the valve out. Assuming it's not the valve, what could it be? Ta, Bob.
  6. Bob

    Pinto Idle Valve

    Hi all. Anyone seen or used one of these......... http://www.ebay.co.u...=item1e7e8cad21 Looking to replace mine on a 2.0 efi pinto ('89). Cheers, Bob.
  7. Bob

    New Instruments

    Wow ta everyone. Will check out etb and other ideas. I guess it's up to me to decide the look I want. Lots of options seem possible. Need to decide budget/ease of install/look (need to understand more about senders). Anyone out there used MG TF or perhaps Focus instruments? Understand that the sender issue might rule these out but love a challenge! Appreciate the feedback Bob
  8. Hi all. New member and owner of a SubK; first post, please be gentle! Great day at Donington...ta to all. Thinking of lots of mods to my 2006 pinto 2.0 efi. Got original Sierra instruments with some added 'after market' volts and temp gauges. Works well but not the look I want. Could spend £600-£700 on new 'Smiths' instruments but would rather put that towards more HP/Torque. Lots of cheap instruments on ebay which will obviously need work to modify. I have a good understanding of electrics/programming but not in cars. So, capable but no clue! OK, Capri would be relatively easy? but want to go more modern.......help please. Appreciate your help, Bob