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  1. lotusPaul

    Zetec help

    You can get an 02 from emerald, with or without a dial too.
  2. lotusPaul

    Zetec Rwd Parts

    I have a complete spare 1800cc zetec set up for rwd with mt75 box and prop shaft too. Even has a tasty looking exhaust system. If you need anything let me know,
  3. lotusPaul

    Advice On Tappets/valve Clearance Setting

    What was the oil before you changed it? Too thin and you will kill a pinto in seconds,Halfords classic is good for our old engines. I use it in Yank v8s and my lotus twincams.Dont forget to change the filter too.
  4. lotusPaul

    Carb Swap.

    You wont get 200 just with swapping carbs,but im sure you know that. All pintos are over square which means they like revs, high lift short duration cams are whats needed here, a decent scavaging exhaust and a solid electronic ignition. Even the 1600 pinto can spin to 7500rpms with carb choices as above and an uprated cam. You would be happy with the results. 6k should develop 100bhp all day long. In fact looking back at the 1600GT it wore the 32/36 dgav weber which would make an ideal start point. 2.0cam and valve upgrades gave this 90bhp.
  5. lotusPaul

    Carb Swap.

    You can take the induction system off a 2.0 pinto and bolt it to the 1600. This will open up avenues to fit the 38dgas from 3.0v6 essex, rated at 140bhp and flows enougth for more, if correctly jetted. Or just keep the 2.0 carb which can flow enough for further tuning. The above is considered a simple straightforward swap,minor linkage corrections perhaps. If you wanted to go further then dcoes at 40mm will flow a combined 200bhp, 50 per cylinder,give or take. This will future proff you if you wanted to swap to a 2.0 latter. Even basic settings are available on this site to get you running. Dhla will achieve the same too.
  6. lotusPaul

    30Mmx36 Spline Driveshaft - Anyone Know Of One?

    Try a mid 90s volvo shaft, 36splines for sure but maybe smaller than 30mm.27mm perhaps. This may open up the avenues to possibly ford group so look at transit 36 spline drive shafts.
  7. lotusPaul

    Yoko Ado8R Tyres

    Mustang GT500, I think is still fastest live axle car round das ring. Wider tyres will probably reduce grip due to less pressure on the contact patch and the need to increase pressures as the aspect ratio would have changed. The technical maths is boring even for me but the end result points to running more toe in, creates more scrub which in turn increases heat and friction to equal grip. Ok it also reduces tyre life. Incidently on the front you can use this to enhance grip and thus turn in, by reducing toe and a little more caster,you can run less static camber as the caster gives more camber on turn in, the effect of reducing toe means the fronts are not fighting against each other as much and helps with turn in. Back to the rear and on a rwd the opposite is true. The toe in counters the desire for the driving wheels to separate under force,thus stability and traction is achieved. The trick i believe is in the ballance between getting ultimate performance against gain intyre life. As said previously and ill allude to it, new super sticky tyres are really just potentially a bandaid temporary fix for poor suspension setup, when the tyres are past thier best you will be back to square one and complaining about them. Slightly off track i know but I think a grasp of the fundamental knowledge is always worth keeping in mind when buying tyres, they have alot to do.
  8. lotusPaul

    Yoko Ado8R Tyres

    I hear you, but look at corvettes, live axles for most of thier models,early 7 esque cars including race varients. There have been many in past years. I personaly think live rears break away more evenly and are more forgiving than true irs. Most IRS systems induce more camber under compression too. This is why they tend to grip, grip, grip, LET GO. Probably a symtom of poor geometry to be fair,
  9. lotusPaul

    Yoko Ado8R Tyres

    Live axles are perfectly fine for putting torque down. Look at dragsters using 10 link rear axle locating bars, infact running them square with minimal camber change gives close to 100% availability of contact patch. This kind of setup eliminates adjustability to tyre pressures, keeps things simple. Anyway,if your still looking for another option Nankang Econex NA-1 are good all rounders with good wet grip. And NS-2R from same are r888r equivalent. Both ive tried and when i need new i will be buying them. A set for dry and a set for wet.Credibility comes from being a control tyre in many different championships across the globe. I have not long come back from a lotus trackday at goodwood, next is castle coombe at end of the month. There will be a few people trying new trackday orientated compounds. Ill report on thier findings afterwards if it helps.
  10. lotusPaul

    Power Band Understanding

    Davo, Just back from being away a while. Where in Fareham are you and when are you there. Im in Gosport when im not on the water.perhaps you could pop over
  11. lotusPaul

    Sierra S7 To Give Away

    I have rear wings in green. Ill be back end off may then it will go to pile in sky,less anything thats been asked for. PM me if you still want bits. I would prefer all bits being asked for to be collected as i just dont have time to sort things out. Its racing season so im generally on the water most days.
  12. lotusPaul

    Sierra S7 To Give Away

    As its been a while i guess no one wants it. Off to scrapman
  13. lotusPaul

    Anyone Know Someone To Tune Up My Webber 40 Carbs?

    If you look in past posts my myself and others you will find some settings that are good for most aplications. Use those and you wont be far off.
  14. lotusPaul

    Sierra S7 To Give Away

    I have rear wings in green, front full length wings in red,needs a polish to be honest, bonnet is there and has louvers straight from factory. Nose cone not available. Other than a few missing parts which im sure will be lost or miss placed,its as complete as it came out of factory 23 years ago. Just to be true to what ive said above. This is to be given away as complete as i can, preferably to someone that wants to build it/restore a previously built one.I will not be splitting and giving away parts to people. Must be collected.