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  1. The bushes I need lol cheers Andy
  2. Cheers Nick that's what I'm trying to do lol
  3. It's a Robin Hood chassis with like a arms
  4. hi everyone thanks for all your info about the handling and clubs im hoping to go on weds to one in todwick but ive got another thing does anyone know were i can get a lotus 7 badge for the front off my car and the wheel center caps cheers Andy
  5. try again these are the bushes I need cheers andy
  6. These are the bushes I need many thanks andy
  7. there suspose to one one mate its not gone on
  8. The are the bushes that I need does anyone know we're I can get them from
  9. The are the bushes that I need does anyone know we're I can get them from
  10. Hi every one I think I've found my problem the bottom ball joint had come loose and on the bottom arm it's like a A arm there's bushes that go in to the arm to
  11. Right OK mate the back seams perfect it'd the front
  12. cheers nigel for all the info you have gave yes every nut and bolts are tight theres no play at all but the camber is at leat 10 degrees i thought that was way to much kind regards andy
  13. hi everyone ive been told that the problem I have about the handling they said it could be the front camber if so does anyone know what the camber should be set at please many thanks andy
  14. Cheers nicko do you all turn up in your kit cars this time of year lol
  15. Cheers hopefully see some of you next Wed at the red lion
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