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  1. Andy Hamilton

    Prop Shaft Length

    Thanks Dave. I will attempt to make in incision at this point later!
  2. Andy Hamilton

    Prop Shaft Length

    Finally got round to greasing the prop shaft on my standard 2B, type 9 gearbox to std diff. Rear grease nipple is accessible but obviously I put the floor over the front U/J and therefore grease nipple back in '06..... Does anyone have a centre distance measurement between the grease nipples so I know where to attack the floor? (There does appear to be a 'flap' in the floor that might be in the right place but I don't want to remove it until I have some idea of the measurement) Looking forward to the advice.
  3. Andy Hamilton

    Program Of Works

    Passed - no advisories! Well worth the few weeks work when you get compliments on the build and prep of the car. Will be out and about around Huddersfield area.....
  4. Andy Hamilton

    Program Of Works

    Keys found!! Reassembled everything this evening and it fired up first time (after cranking it over with the dizzy cap removed to build oil pressure). I gave it a run along a few hundred meters of private road and everything seems to work. I still need to change the brake fluid but feeling pretty pleased
  5. Andy Hamilton

    Program Of Works

    Update: Upper and lower ball joints replaced (as in previous post) and fully reassembled Track rod ends replaced and reassembled Oil drained Timing belt replaced after 2 days of effort to remove the harmonic balancer (obviously I needed a harmonic balancer puller) Valve clearances adjusted Spray bar cleaned (no need to replace - I now have a spare) New spark plugs installed New oil filter installed Oil refilled Brake fluid and coolant purchased but not replaced yet Battery on charge Getting closer.... if I can just find the KEYS!!
  6. Andy Hamilton

    Program Of Works

    After being off the road for 6 years, I have finally started a program of work to get my Robin Hood 2B plus back on the road! It has been sat in the garage whilst life's other priorities took over (kids, work etc). So I am hoping that in the next 3 weeks I will get an MOT booked and be out running around Huddersfield. I have replaced all ball joints and track rod ends. I will be doing a full engine service incuding timing belt change. I might even replace the camshaft spray bar on my pinto EFI. Brake fluid and tyres are on the list to replace too. Only thing that is likely to hold me up is finding the keys!! They must be in that safe place. Looking forward to getting back out on the road. Hoping my 8 year old son will love it.
  7. Andy Hamilton

    Mazda Mx5 - What Do You Know About Them?

    I've got a MkI Eunos roadster on a K plate (93) 1.6, and it is the nuts! watch for rust around the front of the rear wheel arches (sill area). I saw a few that had gone at this point before I got this one. The Eunos's are great as they come with AC aswell, handy on those wet muggy days. Recently got a set of trackrod ends as the rubbers have gone on the current ones, I think they were £20... good value. Only problem I know of on all Eunos's is the quality of the interior. It tends to fall apart compared with the MX-5 as the plastics appear a little less expensive. But it is one of the best things I have bought. Do it!
  8. Andy Hamilton

    What Are Those Clip Thingy's Called

    Glad we agree!!
  9. Andy Hamilton

    What Are Those Clip Thingy's Called

    Dzus fasteners
  10. Andy Hamilton


    With the craze in FACEBOOK sweeping the world, I took the liberty of registering the group 'RHOCaR' before some unscrupulous individual (other than myself) decided to register it for us. We don't necessarily need to use it for anything as this will always be our forum, but it is handy free location for uploading pics/vids if you are on facebook, plus it is a bit of free advertising for the less initiated out there in cyber world. maybe we could link to it from the forum here.......? let me know what you think.
  11. Andy Hamilton

    Look What The Fairies Left In My Garden

    How much wider at the front is it now? It looks to be a lot!
  12. Andy Hamilton

    Total Kitcar Live

    How about this one of my car looking longingly at the circuit? "If only I could get the chance to go into the tyrewall like that Fury... "
  13. Andy Hamilton

    Total Kitcar Live

    Paul, Glad to hear that you came out of it relatively unscathed. Just keep telling yourself that it could have been a lot worse...... I mean, it could have been your own car! I hope you negotiated a good discount on a BGH type 9. They are a very good box, we used them for locost racing for 4 seasons, and any problems, Brian was more than happy to sort out. I hope he is good a fibreglass. Do you think the Stock beer festival helped relax your body in the accident? Drunk people often come out of these things better than anyone else!
  14. Andy Hamilton

    Total Kitcar Live

    Here are the Essex boys cars at Total KitCar Live at Brands Hatch today. What a beautiful day!
  15. Andy Hamilton

    Lightweight Sva

    As with all government paperwork, there is an element of poetic licence! You DO NOT have to retest at the same test centre. I recently had my initial SVA test at Chelmsford, and retested at Gillingham as Chelmsford couldn't do the retest soon enough for me. Maybe because of your failure list, this might be different, but give Nottingham a call and see what they say. I spoke to Gillingham directly, and they arranged to get all of the paperwork sent over in time, and even cancelled the appointment I had tentatively made at Chelmsford. (which was another month away) They only retested the failed items as well, and the tester clearly said that if he thought any of the original items were failures (after all it is down to discression as you found out to your cost) he could not fail them as they had already passed. He isn't going to do a £150 job for £30 now is he??