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  1. Great. I'll get working n this solution first, this forum is really amazing with the amount of info available. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks, What sort of size and rating should I be looking at?
  3. Hi all, I got to a point where I was able to take my car out on a private road for the first time over the weekend (still building) to see how it drove. I came accross a problem I hadn't even thought of which was the rear ground clearance. With just myself in the car (70kg) the car only had 15mm clearance between the front (rear) wishbone mount and the floor. I drove about 50 metres and it kept scrapping along the floor... I bought the car part built and the suspension was something that had already been done. It is what looks to be the standard Sierra spring and dampener. Am I missing something or is this a common problem? I have read about replacing with coil overs, how and where and what do I buy if this is the solution? Sorry bit of a novice when it comes to suspension. The car is a Robin Hood 2b if this helps Kris
  4. Hi all, I'm after a sump with pickup pipe, and am happy with either a shortened or standard one, does anyone on here have one surplus? Kris
  5. Hi Andi, can I take the cam? Will be at Stoneleigh on Sunday. Kris
  6. Did you make that from sheet metal yourself? Thats really good, any tips on someone trying to also do the same?
  7. That's great Nigel, much less wiring than anticipated, although once through IVA, think I will regret saying that as I swap for twin 40's...
  8. So how would this work with wiring? Anybody with a wiring diagram would be a life saver?
  9. I am at the exact same stage regarding wiring but have the distributor as the picture below, it only seems to have 1 wire out, how does this work with the motorcraft unit?
  10. Hi Johny, i recently started my wiring, with a premier loom, but i did not even attempt to utilise the sierra loom, i think it is more hassle than its worth. with the premier loom i purchased you do not use the sierra fuses, you may have 2 fuse boxes on the premier loom, these are usually sufficient! if you don't have these fuse boxes, I'm not 100% how to part connect in the sierra loom! as for the ecu, i think the wires are on the engine loom section, this is the next it I'm going to do, but almost sure i read it. as for the dash, i have used new dials and so not 100% sure on how to attach to the original sierra dash! good luck and keep at it, i have so far spent many days getting my wiring sorted but there is a sense of satisfaction once done!!! Kris
  11. thanks for the suggestions, i had better get fabricating!
  12. Hello all, Has anyone got some detailed pictures of their front wing brackets. i have a 2b with sliding pillar suspension and would like to see what is the best way to fit the cycle wings. Any suggestions or tips appreciated. thanks in advance! Kris
  13. Thanks Simon, I've now sourced the bits, but yours look excellent! Regards
  14. I'm after a set of 40's... DM sent Rich!!
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