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  1. got front mudguards 3ltr capri clocks in a built in center dash
  2. think you would be better with the converter. can swap rods from steel to stainless. without getting diff gas
  3. 15" array wheels and tyres all tyres very good. no scatchers or marks. just laquar peeling. £100. pickup only
  4. macanical fuel pump £10 electric fuel pump new £20 rocker cover £20 new coil £10 pickup only no time to post more parts to see.
  5. hi deano got some bits and a stalk you can have. just pick them up
  6. car sold got full prise
  7. will be there never been before is it in glossop ctr
  8. theres no plots . so it looks like no tatton park this year
  9. Barry Knowles

    Tatton Park

    any body intrested in going this year. 3rd and 4th june..could do with a small stand, will try and book something if theres enough interest
  10. will be there rain or shine
  11. just taken mine off. robin hood badge in shinny stainless. just bolts on.any good to you?
  12. Barry Knowles

    Cambelt Help

    cut the belt in half while its still on. take one half and match it. the over half holds timing in possition.
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