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  1. Hello, what is what there are people who installed(settled) ford's meter rave-up MK1? What is that the speed is just? Or can one find circles in stainless steel or aluminum to put in decoration? Thank you.
  2. Hello, I have a problem with my windshield wipers. the engine is a modified Sierra. Which brush ice towels you climb? mini arm grooves are too big? are there any adapters? I searched the forum but I have not found. good evening.
  3. Hello, I sent you a message on your box. Thank you for the proposal. I am very happy to have found Rhocar!!
  4. hello, thank you for your answers. My engine windscreen wipers is not a mini. here is the picture: the problem is that the diameter of my arm is larger than that of the mechanism so they swim in it ...
  5. Here is the photo of the dashboard
  6. Thank you for your great fast answers. Hello, N is VRG 121Y. I have the name of a person on V5 but I do not know if I has to give him to the forum... It would be a S7 mk1 sierra but I do not know the year of production. It seems to me that the engine is a pinto one. The car is in conduct to the right and the jar escape is to the right also. I am in has Limoges.Good evening.
  7. Hello I am the happy owner of a robin hood, I look for information on this car. She was registered in your club because there is a label on the windscreen in 2012. - Would be him possible to find the manufacturer of this robin hood? - what is the year of manufacturing of this frame? - I shall want to know what typifies of engine of windscreen wiper is installed. - Have you photos of pedals cubicle? Because mine is too close to the seat … - Where may I find a textbook of manufacturing of the car? (PDF?) - I look for lighthouses in 5 " - I look for a condom(hood,great-coat) of roof - How do you install(do settle) a spare wheel? Make you reinforcements of the back panel(sign)? - It seems that the meter is the one of a Ford rave-up MK1, can you confirm it to me? - What is what the reduction wheels, box, bridge(deck), meter gives the good speed? - Can we install(settle) an electronic ignition on the engine 1600 l ford? Sorry for the translation but I am French and do not well speak English … I translate my text with Reverso … I hope that it does not make you too many questions. Good evening.
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