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  1. Hi Iain thanks to the masses of information in your post, defiantly a great deal of food for thought. At least there are a few options for me to go at. I'll have a look around see what I can find Thanks again Richard
  2. Hi Ken, yes lots of help thanks, any advice, experience or thoughts are a great deal of help at the moment this being my first and so early on in the project. I take it you didn't win the cater ham copy then ? At least i know it can be done now .... How is a totally different matter !! All good fun though. Thanks again Richard
  3. Hi guys thanks for all your replys and welcomes. With your advice Ibe managed to get hold of a v6 cologne from a Granada, Im sure it's 2.8 but the seller seems to "think" it's 2.3. Now on the search for a gearbox to mate with it, a few options on eBay and I have my eye on a type 9 v6 gearbox. There are a few 4x4 gearboxes available too, has anyone converted one ? Thanks for the pics Chrisruck can't wait for mine to get to that stage, a lot of work to be done yet though. Thanks again guys
  4. Thanks for the welcomes and thoughts, im thinking I might give it a go as for the time and work spent, im hoping to get it running and enjoy it before my son passes his test and takes it off me !! Thanks again Richard
  5. Hi Guys I'm new to here having just got my hands on an 2b plus rolling chassis and kit. im sure as this is my first build and my only assistance is my 9yr old son this will be my first post of many !! looking forward to he help an advice from all of you who have experienced similar issues that I am about to. my first question is about the engine - I may have sourced sierra V6 EFI RWD engine, has anyone had experience of using a similar engine and does it fit ? Thanks guys Richard
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