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  1. I have used ryobi and millvaukee a few times..ryobi battery dont last very long but if u have two batteries its ok. Its not as powerful as millvaukee but mullvaukee was 410£ and ryobi around 100£ Millvaukee will undo car wheel nuts easy where with ryobe u need brake them loose first I think ryobe will easy undo drive shafts on bora Looking on ebay there is some milwaukee models for around 200£ too they woud probably be good too.
  2. Can petrol be off from sitting a while?
  3. Well we have some industrial detergant for washing loading shovels..that stuff will make your hands itchy and if u leave it on the shove it fade paint on it..i always use that and brush for my car wheels and its great but it comes in barrels from some local company.. Maybe if u mnow some lorry or heavy machinery mechanica or drivers they can get something like that
  4. janis

    Mot Pass

    Yes it did this year too by refusing to work the rear foglight
  5. Get mine insured and cos i have 6 points was harder to insure..a-plan dont cover northern ireland so had to go with flux 450£ then i put my girlfriend on it as well and was blown away that it raised by only 110£ a year and shes just get her test passed 3 weeks ago..not easy to find where to put r plates on it
  6. janis

    Not Charging

    So run new ignition live from somwhere under dash and its charging etc so me happy..turn ignition off car keeps running till i pull wire off again wtf So before driving need plug ignition live in alternato brown and yellow and to stop car need pull them apart
  7. janis

    Not Charging

    Yea that was first thing i did sandpaper all brackets down..i put multimeter and brown yellow and it only gets 5v so guessing broke wire? Get mot and insurance today so happy days
  8. janis

    Not Charging

    No changes just in spring try to start it and battery was dead..put charger on it start the car once take charger off engine go off..take alternator off and take to alternator rebuild people..they check and said its working.. Yes bi brown and small brown goes to starter..check with multimeter and it workes so brown and yellow goes to ignition..that has to be the one..i can even run new one then if its not 12v on it ..i think i know what to do now.thanks everybody
  9. janis

    Not Charging

    Worst thing is that i cant find where its going to..so u mean two wires on alternator was other way round?
  10. janis

    Not Charging

    Well its not charging on choke so choke has a bit more rpm..multimeter reads about 12v when running. I dont have any lights really as its aftermarket gauges..
  11. janis

    Not Charging

    So my kitcar not charging..i wqs thinking it is alternator and get it checked but its 100% and charging..so fit apternator back on but its still mot charging Big brown wire goes to starter and from starter to battery i test it with mulimeter and it does go to battery..same with small brown wire it goes to battery too..then there is small brown and yellow wire witch i cqnt find where its going to..if i coud find out where three wires goint from alternator i coud even run new ones..mot tomorrow qnd i found that out today..charge battery and hope it will be enough to get thrue mot
  12. Thanks..just realised my mirrors is attached to to windscreen too.. ill figure something off
  13. So my kitcar failed mot last autumn and i never get back around to retest..its booked now for next wednesday and im starting to do something.. So she failed on Under inflated tyre One headlight out of alligment possibly cos rear tyre underinflated Back foglight not working And no windscreen washers.. So fog is fixed tyre blown back up but no windscreen washers..i have bottle and piping there electrics there but i dont want to drill and put nozzle in as nowhere to doit nicely..and i dont need washers as i hardly ever use wipers..can i take windscreen and wipers off for mot?will they not ask where is my wee spoiler thingy at front or why i have wiper motor and bolts for putting wiper arms on etc? There must be someone who do it
  14. janis

    Suzuki Lt80

    Thanks a lot everybody..try to look at it on weekend and let u know how i get on..
  15. janis

    Suzuki Lt80

    Im not too sure about carb type..dont know much about them..i will try to take it to my garage and dismantle and post some pics over weekend.. Is there a way to check coil?
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