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    Robin hood 2B IVA 17 JUNE 2016
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    Raunds, Northamptonshire
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    Classic car fan, restored 2 x MGBs, 1 x MGB Sebring, Triumph Dolomite, Stag, Spitfire, TR7, MGF and Triumph Vitesse, now building Kitcar which is what I've always wanted to do, a Robin hood 2b, bought after sitting in a garage for 12 years unstarted. Target for IVA Mar/Apr 2016, Passed 17 June 2016

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  1. Dave I have taken 364 & 365 thanks
  2. 2Bbuilt

    Iva On Friday

    who do i need to contact for best advice?
  3. 2Bbuilt

    Iva On Friday

    Its got 15 inch wheels, there is plenty of space at the front with nut clearence, something i had already read about. pushed a bit more today, back is a bit wobbly once pushed. whilst on a KSFRW Budget (keep secret from wife), what is a good starter for rear coil overs? and budget? cant keep the car secret but cost??? who knows what that is, lost the receipts .........
  4. mine says ROBIN HOOD 2B, it also needs the "2B" including in the "check my car tax" website, does not find it just as ROBIN HOOD.
  5. 2Bbuilt

    Application Done!

    having just gone through the process over the last few months here are some tips keep an eye on emails, they will give you updates read them carefully as one of them tells you to ring a number they give you to arrange appointment. (never got anything through the post it was all via email). be prepared to change test centre, i went for Peterborough (now shut), Norwich (very long waiting list) and ended up at Leighton Buzzard, this was 1 months wait although could of had an earlier one, but i was on holiday, then retest 3 weeks later. I can say Leighton buzzard inspectors were friendly and helpful apart from when they ragged it on the rolling road for speed test 3 times!!!! engine did not like that without any cool air. there was a fault with the speedo testing equipment!! then when you pass, send to kits and rebuild D4 . DVLA Swansea S99 1ZZ it took 2 weeks to get registration you need to insure it as well before you send for registration and tax, you insure it on the chassis number. good luck.
  6. 2Bbuilt

    Iva On Friday

    Registration arrived tuesday this week, with work and getting plates finally got out last night all i can say is it was worth it, a few shake down issues all resolved this morning and out again today did nearly 30 miles without issues. A age related plate received and i used the recommended address, all in all took about 2 week but registration date is 1st Aug, did get the V5 2 days before i got the letter to say what my reg was and that my V5 would be on its way, but who cares....... would like to say for any current builders out there, as far as suspension is concerned mine is standard 2b, i.e sliding pillars at front and sierra rear springs at back. Seems good to me and its been on twisting country roads as well as dual carriage ways today. it does however have wider wheel span as its got 25mm wheel spacers on all wheels, suppose that helps with stability a little at least. but, would like to say big thanks to all those that have helped me throughout this build, some without knowing they have helped, this forum is invaluable. Thanks so if you see E148XUG out on the road in Northamptonshire, give us a flash, i will probably see you in my rear view mirror!!!
  7. its not charging at all. possibly unrelated to issues but not helping if i need to keep charging battery
  8. 2Bbuilt

    Iva On Friday

    log book finally come back with new engine details. all forms for registration completed and in post tomorrow. trying the DVLA direct address mentioned earlier, we will see how long it takes to come back and then .............. on the road finally!!!!!
  9. I think it may be a voltage regulator issue so waiting for new one. also have 4v from rev counter to coil. maybe diode neded
  10. I am having issues with my simonbbc electronic ignition, car has blown 2 modules so far. (2.0 litre pinto) Fitted new electronic dizzy, ran for 2 weeks then stopped, no spark. Change electronic module, ran for a few weeks then stopped again, no spark. trying to track down the problem. investigation reveals Issue 1 - live to positive on coil, live from positive to dizzy. earth from dizzy to coil, no other wires attached i have 12v on the NEGATIVE side of coil????? don't know if it was like this before it stopped working. Issue 2 - When ignition switch is off, i have earth continuity on the live wire (to coil), is this what a switched live does???
  11. I got mine done at the local engravers, the type of shop that does trophies etc. he did it on a black plate which has silver underneath, letters come out in silver cost me £8 passed the IVA with it having failed on the one i did. has to be in strict order and only details that they want see, format is as below vin plate needs manufacturer (whatever you want, can make up your own name if thats your bag). chassis number total weight in Kg front axle weight in Kg rear axle weight in Kg
  12. Nice to meet everyone today. very large show with hundreds of cars. we got a chance to test drive our Surrey Tops and Northants (home made) rain covers between sunshine. thanks agai, John and Tom
  13. mine will be on the A frame as the docs haven't arrived yet.
  14. passed my IVA yesterday, i have a 1988 pinto and donor car was 1988. no cat needed and test was for 1988 engine which is CO and HCs only.
  15. 2Bbuilt

    Iva On Friday

    no cat, it is 1988 which is pre cat era. checked also with my MOT man whilst it was round at his as we were doing the CO and HC setup for IVA.
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