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  1. Thanks mate, the ball joint under the wishbone is something that I picked up from looking at photos - but only just! Thanks for the replies
  2. Thanks for the advice. I would have expected to use a washer behind every nut, but there weren't any in the pack, so I thought that maybe they were some crazy special washer-free nuts!
  3. Hello All I am piecing together my Zero and have a few suspension questions for the old hands out there: 1. The front suspension bottom ball joints are held in place with 3 bolts each side. I have noticed that the GBS-supplied nuts have been squashed a bit on one side to make them off-round. I've never seen these before, so here's my question - do you apply a locking compound to them or just tighten to the specified torque and leave them? 2. Out of interest, does anyone recommend applying locking compound to nyloc locknuts? 3. Do you use washers on the nut / bolt for the bottom ball joints? There aren't any supplied in the fitting kit. Many thanks for your help BB
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