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  1. Thanks for all your replies. Decision made, will go with the chassis option and use it as a donor for the parts. Don't want to spend months building and modifiying only to end up not getting an IVA pass. Am keeping an eye on e bay but if anyone knows of a chassis for sale in the south east I would be very interested Thanks
  2. Hello all. New to the forum, I have recently come into possession of an incomplete lightweight. It is at an early in the build and if I decide to have a go a it, will probably dismantle most of it and start again. Have read a lot about the structural problems and have seen the modifications done by GDC to achieve IVA. Would be grateful for advice on the following points. 1. Is it worth it, if I strengthen (as GDC has done) what chance do I have of passing IVA 2. Am considering fabricating from steel front and rear sub-frames and tying together with chassis rails to include engine, gearbox, diff and seatbelt mounts. Has this been done before? will it pass IVA? 3.Do I just give up on the design and find a second hand chassis and use the panels and parts to complete it Thanks I advance for an advice.
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