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  1. weazel134

    Exhaust Noise

    Thanks for the advise guys. I was at Bedford autodrome which has unusually high standards with regards to noise. My exhaust silencer is the GBS new type without cat. When I was at rockingham it wasnt a problem. Just think a couple of db S lower would cure the problem.
  2. weazel134

    Exhaust Noise

    Was at a track day yesterday and was told I was very close to the noise limit and had to short shift to keep the noise level down. I have the standard GBS exhaust silencer. The question is, if I were to add more wadding would this help with noise level? Would it hinder the performance? Thanks
  3. weazel134

    Kimbolton Car Show July 8Th

    Agree with Al. Great day!
  4. weazel134

    Gbs Zero Supercharged St170 For Sale

    Could you post some photos please?
  5. weazel134

    Kimbolton Car Show July 8Th

    Wrist band received today, thanks Dave
  6. weazel134

    Oz Racing 15 Inch Ford Fitting Wheels And Tyres

    Wheels now sold
  7. weazel134

    Oz Racing 15 Inch Ford Fitting Wheels And Tyres

    4x108. ET18
  8. I have for sale 4x OZ racing wheels and Toyo Proxes T1Rs 2 tyres have 7mm and the other 2 have 5mm. The wheels are in immaculate condition with no scratches, dents or scuffs. They are Ford figment and have been running on a GBS Zero. Front tyres are 195/50R15 Rear tyres are 205/50R15 Collection from Kempston, Bedfordshire. Im asking £350. Putting on here first before they go on eBay. Thanks for looking. Anymore info please feel free to give me a call or text on 07917186462
  9. weazel134

    Stoneleigh Kit Car Show

    great, i'll send AndyW a mesage
  10. weazel134

    Stoneleigh Kit Car Show

    Al are going up on the Saturday or Sunday?
  11. weazel134

    Stoneleigh Kit Car Show

    Hi Al i'd like to join you at the Overstone arms for 9.30 if thats ok? thanks Dan
  12. weazel134

    Alternator You Could Fry An Egg On

    my denso alternator only seems to charge at 14v when slightly above idle. when at idle i only get battery voltage.
  13. weazel134

    Gbs Cars & Coffee Saturday 24Th

    9:30ok. Still meeting at the brewers fayre? Junc 28?
  14. weazel134

    Gbs Cars & Coffee Saturday 24Th

    A10/A1 is much the same as the M1 im afraid, just 2 lanes instead of 3. thats why im gonna go up the M1 and meet with the other chaps. at least that way i get a nice bit of cross country on the run into the GBS factory. im more than happy to meet you on the M1 somewhere (maybe junc 13) if you wanted to run up to meet the other guys near Junc 28.