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  1. Hi I’ve got a query about registration on my robin hood, I am the 5th owner of my car, the car has kept the original Dona registration plate which is a 1984 car, what should show on the current registration ( log book,) would it be 1984 or the date of registration when built after Iva test obviously at a later date. Cheers Dave
  2. Have to check in the morning
  3. Hi the it’s not just the throw of the stick, what I can’t get used to, is that the gears are so close together, if in neutral movement from side to side is only about a 1/4 of inch, don’t want to reveal stick at moment because beautifully upholstered. Cheers Dave
  4. Hi haven’t been on here now for a couple of years, just bought another car, and it has Sierra type 9 gearbox with short shift, gears are so close together I’m selecting wrong gears a lot, is this a straight swap for standard gear lever. Cheers Dave
  5. Hi mate of mine wants me to help him put a st170 in his Robin Hood, he hasn't done any research on it but is very confident it will be no problem, there is a 1.8 Zetec silver top in it at moment, I am opposite to him so I'll do the asking what will or won't fit off silver top , What will he have to buy, I must be honest my experience is on pintos . Cheers. Dave. P s. Will his bike carbs fit from 0ne to the other.
  6. DAVE1954


    Hi just bough another part finished RB, no engine or gearbox,the 2 I've done before was straight forward for emissions pinto engines, this time I want to put a zetec in it,what about immision, going to a salvage yard, must I run it on ecu and wiring from donor car, or what is the other options, or if I put twin Webern on would it pass with them tuned, do I need a Catt . Cheers. Dave
  7. DAVE1954

    Engine Mounts

    Hi don't know if it's s7, it's a stainless chassis,or stainless look like.
  8. DAVE1954

    Engine Mounts

    Hi Sierra diff, no prop at moment, he's got a type9 gearbox, intends to buy blacktop, is it a case of putting all on the floor fixed together and getting tape measure out.
  9. DAVE1954

    Engine Mounts

    Hi he hasn't any mounts at all on it, as I said with no engine or box how do you workout were to weld mounts cheers
  10. DAVE1954

    Engine Mounts

    Hi a friend of mine has bought a part built RH , no engine or gearbox, he wants to put a zetec, how do you work out position of fixing engine mounts cheers. Dave
  11. Hi wanderer. So you drill out the mini wiper arm , and fix a nut Sierra spindle, is it a case of wiper holds by the nut jamming it, or are the splines the same size, is it the classic mini arms you used. Cheers. Dave
  12. Hi thanks for reply, I've yet to buy wiper arms so I'll go for the mini option if that's easier, I've bolted, the wiper gear arms works fine, but I'm going to weld them because they look bodged. Cheers. Dave
  13. Hi. I'm going to fit a header tank to my pinto, the tank I've acquired has two spouts one very small witch I assume goes to the overflow out of the radiator cap, the other is the large outlet, does this joint in to the top or bottom hose ( I think it's the top but not100% ). Much appreciated. Dave
  14. Hi just bought a Sierra wiper motor and linkage, I've just cut it down ( modified) I've not got wiper arms , do I use Sierra arms or are they too long. Cheers. Dave
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