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  1. I have come to the conclusion that I do not have the time to do an engine conversion to my car so I am listing all the parts that I have accumulated over the years (Since the late 1990’s). Although the parts are a bit dusty and have some surface rust they have been dry stored in my garage and are all in good condition and with a little time and effort would clean up. The engines have had red x down the bores and have been turned over by hand on a regular basis and turn over easily and smooth. I'm asking £1000 for everything. If anyone has any questions please PM me. Thanks Andy I located just off Jct27 M6 - WN6 area. Engine 1 Complete Vauxhall redtop engine with alternator, starter motor, manta big wing sump, flywheel with sierra clutch plate, extended propshaft, carlton rwd engine mounts, sandwich plate for oil cooler take off and AP bottom end bolt kit . Engine 2 Complete Vauxhall redtop engine with alternator, starter motor, standard sump, flywheel, standard later injection type distributor, polished sparkplug cover. Additional engine parts – 7 row oil cooler, spare shortened standard alloy sum, alloy breather tank, exhaust heat shield and spare front cover. Gearbox/Bell housing Type 9 5 speed gearbox from 2.3 diesel sierra. 18 teeth spline with full layshaft bearing. Input shaft shortened to accommodate Vauxhall bell housing, Cable clutch arm and release bearing. Induction Pair Italian made Weber 40 DCOE carbs, genuine weber twin cable throttle linkage, Vauxhall DCOE inlet manifold, filter king fuel filter with pressure regulator, electric fuel pump. 2 x Vauxhall injection inlet manifolds with fuel rail and injectors, full engine wiring loom and ECU, MAF sensor and SFI box. Exhaust 1 X Original redtop tubular manifold cut and modified to suit RWD application plus 2 x additional redtop tubular manifolds one with lambda sensor. (1 x astra and 1 x calibra). Ignition 2 X Vauxhall distributors, 1 x ignition module, 2 x coils and a spare dizzy cap. Using 1 x distributor the bosch coil and the ignition module I had engine 1 running on the Webbers. Cooling 2 x polo radiators – used but were water tight could be used or used for mock up purposes, 2 x expansion bottles, 2 bespoke metal water pipes that allowed the use of the polo radiators, various rubber and hard plastic Vauxhall hoses to pick up on the various water ways on the engines, 1 x fully shrouded electric fan which fits the polo radiator perfectly. Pedal box Floor mounted pedal box with balance bar and 2 x brake master cylinders with remote reservoirs.
  2. 2B-EVO

    2B Windscreen Frame

    Hi guys, Thanks for the info. Ill have a word with Mitch and GBS. Cheers Andy
  3. 2B-EVO

    2B Windscreen Frame

    Hi all, If anyone has or knows where i can get a windscreen frame for a 2B from could they please let me know. I have had a screen made which is 2" taller than the standard screen so now need the frame. When i got my original frame i had to trim a few inches off so if anyone has a standard kit one i'm sure that would work. Thanks Andy
  4. 2B-EVO

    Help/advice Required Asap

    As above - lots of hot soapy water - may be too late for the carpets - i suspect the carpet may start to disintegrate as the brake fluid will break down the carpet fibers and the weave will fail. Take it back to the garage - tell them you're not happy and see what they will do - new carpet set? Also i'd be concerned that if they used a pressure system to bleed the clutch and it leaked as you described - has it damaged the seals in the master cylinder? Hope they sort it for you. Cheers Andy
  5. 2B-EVO

    Sneak Peek Winter Mods

    Orange carbon effect and suede seats?
  6. 2B-EVO

    Noxious Vw Golf

    Hi Bob, I completely agree with what Al Milton was saying about VW making absolutely sure that there is no difference seen by the owner after the changes are made with regard to HP/torque, mpg etc - but as i mentioned in my initial post - i wonder what the long term effects will be on the EGR/DPF systems and if/when these start to fail no doubt VW will say that its not covered by ant sort of warranty or that failure is due to the way in which the car has been driven i.e not as per VW recommendations (DPF issues). Its probably to early to tell yet - but it would be interesting to know how many vehicles suffering with EGR/DPF issues have had the upgrade done and at what mileage the failures occurred? As you intend to keep the car long term i would still say as someone else has 'if it aint broke - don't fix it' Andy
  7. 2B-EVO

    Noxious Vw Golf

    Don't know much about how the 'cheat' software worked - however - if it reduced the emissions under test conditions presumably the revised software must now reduce emissions under normal driving conditions to deliver the original claimed emissions - My thoughts are that given the known problems with blocked/failed egr valves and DPF filters on modern diesel motors - that revising the software to deliver the same performance but increasing the effect of the emissions components to reduce the emissions may cause them to block/fail earlier. If your car drives fine now then i would politely decline the revised software. Cheers Andy
  8. 2B-EVO

    Who's Robin Hood V8

    A big thank you to Paul M for letting me have a look round his V8 2B+ on Thursday night. Its a tight fit and a few chassis mods required but the sound is awesome, and Paul advised that the performance from even a relatively standard engine is ample. So i'm going to go and see what my Dad has knocking about and weigh up the cost of all the parts i'd need compared to what i've already got Red top wise. But as said previously the sound offsets quite a bit of the cost. Cheers Andy
  9. 2B-EVO

    Can You Tell What It Is?

    Ginetta G4?
  10. 2B-EVO

    Who's Robin Hood V8

    Hi guys, Thanks for all the replies. As for the engine swap - i'm not really about the HP - car is used more for cruising than track day type driving (plus my little lad is usually in the passenger seat). However my father has always have RV8's and had a few TR7-V8's and the sound even at legal speeds is so addictive. My father currently runs a P38 4.6 Ranger rover and has amassed quite a few spares including engines from 3.5, 4.0 and a low mileage ex-TVR Chimerra engine! So as for the engine swap its probably about ease of swap rather than the figures - but the V8 sound track may just swing it. LOL. Cheers Andy
  11. 2B-EVO

    Who's Robin Hood V8

    Hi Richy - thank you for the reply. The installation looks superb. The write should be an interesting read. The reason i was studying the video was that i will be looking at an engine swap at some point in the future and currently have a couple of Vauxhall red tops but also have access to a couple of RV8's which i had discounted until i read steamers write up about the large polo mint, but i was hoping not to have to modify the bonnet - although i suppose carburretion may sit lower than the injection plenum? Cheers Andy
  12. 2B-EVO

    Who's Robin Hood V8

    Found it - Winter mods topic. Cheers Andy
  13. 2B-EVO

    Who's Robin Hood V8

    Hi thanks for the replies - I have read steamers blog but i don't think Steamers is a 2B. I've also had a look for Richy666 posts but can't find the video. Anyone remember seeing it or have a dreamt it. LOL! Thanks Andy
  14. 2B-EVO

    Who's Robin Hood V8

    Hi Guys, Was browsing the forums a few weeks ago and someone posted a video of a Robin Hood V8 just ticking over on a drive, running standard fuel injection plenum - I think it was orange and stainless. I think it was a 2B model. Who's car is it and does the standard 2B bonnet fit without cutting holes in it? Sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum area. Cheers Andy
  15. Hi yes i still have the seats - however they are listed on ebay now. Which seats are you interested in? If its the Corbeau seats they have been bid on already (auction ends in 5 days or so) but the intatrim seats have not been bid on yet. Regards Andy