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  1. This has probably already been asked a million times but I've googled to no avail. I have just ordered my fuel sender which reads from 3-150ohms. I am planning on using a dash2 (maybe pro) which obviously requires voltage instead of resistance. I assume the feed to the sender goes from the 5v out of the dash 2 as opposed to the 12v ignition live? How do I work out what size resistor I need for this? All the results on Google require me to know starting voltage (5v?) And end voltage which I don't know.
  2. Does anyone know of any rear indicators I can fit that are iva compliant that swipe to the side like the new style Audi indicators, if you know what I mean lol.
  3. Just after some advice from zero builders please. What route do people usually take with the wiring for the rear lights? I understand the rear light wires go through the holes in the rear panel and the closest I can see to get them is if I run along the chassis under the fuel tank? Also how do you usually route to the fog, reverse and number plate light? Under the tank or over it? Tia
  4. Has anyone got any drawings for some caliper mounting brackets instead? Just thinking if its not gonna cost too much more I may aswel fit discs now. The brackets are £65 from gbs :-O for a bit of metal lol.
  5. Just checked and there not open until Tuesday
  6. So do they normally come with the standard kit? I wasn't even aware I would need any lol. Anyone know if there open tomorrow?
  7. Perfect thank you all very much. I will need to get some made. I'll drop steamer a message and see what he's saying about it. Do gbs themselves do these? There not on the website.
  8. Ah OK that makes sense. I'll have to give gbs a ring and ask them about it. I assume they sell them even though there's nothing listed on kit spares.
  9. Are you able to grab any pics at all?
  10. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B36a5E-wkXL7R0d4UFRJMElqQXM/view?usp=docslist_api
  11. Hi all, I'm part way through my build but have a problem with fitting my rear drums. Before anyone points it out I have established that I have the wrong side drum on and am also aware that the hub is meant to fixed to the outside of the drum as opposed to behind it but I was just trying various layouts to see what worked. Is there meant to be some sort of space between the hub carrier and the drum backplate? Even with the hub behind the backplate instead of in front my drum is touching my lower wishbones. I've linked to some pics so you can all see my problem. If anyone could help that would be great. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B36a5E-wkXL7V2JoM3MxZndESms/view?usp=docslist_apihttps://drive.google.com/file/d/0B36a5E-wkXL7R0d4UFRJMElqQXM/view?usp=docslist_api
  12. So you're saying a mazda rx8 gearbox could be fitted to a zetec? As you can pick them up quite cheap. Where would I get said adapter plates from and would it fit into a zero easily enough?
  13. I'm planning on going with the Let engine at a later date but I want a current plate on my car so going new zetec for now as seems to be the cheapest option
  14. Ok I think I'll go with the mt75. I'm assuming the transit boxes are different? That's all I seem to find on ebay.
  15. As above really? What's the pros and cons of each? I'm going with a new zetec but want to try and get some extra power out of it in the future.
  16. As stated in my other posts I am just at the planning stage of my build with my basic kit arriving in approx 2 weeks time I am building a gbs zero with the Ford kit and hopefully going for a new registration so require new parts. My question is can a sequential gearbox or even flappy paddle style be fitted? I'm thinking of going with the zetec so preferably something compatible with this or is there something else available new to achieve this?
  17. The main issue I have is I want current plate when I register it. I may just stick a standard new zetec in there as this seems the cheapest option then once registering is complete look at swapping to a bigger or turbo engine. Ive always liked the vauxhall let engine so may well go with something like that but I also now like the sound of a big v8. I will have to see what comes up at the time but for now and for registration I will just stick a brand new zetec in. Thanks for the help guys
  18. I am currently in the early planning stages of my build with my kit being delivered in 2 weeks time. I am looking at engine options. Was originally going to go zetec but want some scope to get mega power out of it in the future. Is the duratec alot more tuneable? I'm thinking turbo/supercharge but will be a while after the cars built. I am going for a current plate so needs to be brand new. Thanks
  19. Opting for a q plate? Is that on this forum or is the gbs forum a totally different site? I've just got a cheap digital camera from years ago and ive got a wall mount for it in the garage to keep the same position and then I will just create the time lapse from the seperate images
  20. Just thought I'd say a quick hello. Ive been on here a month or so just having a nosey but I will receive my kit in about 3 weeks time so I'm sure I will have plenty of questions for you lot. I will start a build blog once my kit arrives. Ive also got a camera set up to take photos start to finish to create a time lapse video. I gave ordered a gbs zero ford. I'm going brand new everything except the usual recon parts to get my current plate (probably 20 plate by the time I'm done lol)
  21. I have a sierra diff ready for my build when it arrives. Im getting ready to refurb it but not sure what it involves. Can I just remove the back cover with the torx screws? Do I need to? The guy I bought it off says something about drivers side bearing needs replacing. Is this an easy job? I was thinking just replace the bearing, replace oil seals and clean/paint the casing. This enough?
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