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  1. sounds cool but i know now im working all bank holiday
  2. i didnt think they would take that long thanks for all the infomation. I will definatly put that one to one side and look for a more ready car :) Thank you all again Jack
  3. Thanks for the wake up slap haha . Yeh the more i look and think worse this "deal" looks. I am pretty sure this is the wrong place to ask for this but at the moment all im using is ebay as most other google results come in with no cars. Any decent websites that you know from the top of my head. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask
  4. Thank you both for your replies . I think it might be safer if i looked into one thats already got the IVA. The thought of it failing is scary especially as i wont know what the car is like personaly. Jack
  5. sorry i got cross posts again I see thank you for your advice on this one. It just seemed very well build with the full build history etc and cheaper than most of the others on there it seems like a good deal
  6. Like i said i am very new to this, how would that work?
  7. It has ended but he is re-listing it http://www.ebay.co.u...=p2047675.l2557 £2800
  8. He didnt build it either he bought it like that... By the sounds of things it seems like i need to swiftly walk away from this. I am guessing its much safer and easier to spend a little more and get a car already road legal
  9. no it doesn't already have a plate. I (wrongly) assumed it would have a V5 so i don't know. He did say it has everying from when the car was first bought from the manufacturer.
  10. Just seen your add on Simon. The car is complete and ready to drive away (if it was legal etc). The guy used it as a track car so its all running but he had no intrest in getting it road legal. He said he has all the papers and photos that i know are usaully needed for the test.
  11. So i can't just get a Sierra v5 regester the car on that and go, i have to get it IVA tested... this is what i thought just wanted to confirm Jack
  12. Im looking into buying a Robin Hood but i am slightly worried about the IVA test as this car hasn't got one. After asking about why he never got an IVA on the car he wondered why i was looking into an IVA because if i could get a Sierra v5 Logbook i could get a non Q plate and it will still be road legal and i can get the MOT etc etc. I never heard of this before and as i am new to this im not sure at what to look for to find out Any advise would be appriciated Thanks Jack
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